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    My neighbor has a very old (over 50 years at least) stick welder in his shed. Hoping someone might be able to ID this old beast.

    Power input is circular twist lock directly mounted to the left side (no cord) ... I think this is 110 but not sure. Has two long heavy cords with the same type connectors. Those might be worth something even if the welder is not.

    Box is about 1 foot square by 18" tall. No markings at all. On the front a peg board insert panel has a GE switch with 6 or 7 positions, last position feels like over travel or a "lift and disconnect", no markings.

    There are two thin wheels on the front, maybe 5" diameter.

    I am doing some small welding jobs for him with my HH-135, I might be offered this old beast in return. He will probably put it out at a garage sale next spring (or I might).

    Anybody recognize this one.