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  • digital volt,amp meter

    i have a digital volt + amp meter, can i set it up on my mm175 to read both, its for a hydro system i use to own that has a switch for going from amp to volts, i'll have to look on the volt range, i believe it goes to about 20 volt but may go more. i'm so used to my pm300 that i would like to do the same to my baby welder. why don't they do that at miller and have a highest volts and amps setting you can check out after you run a bead

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    Fred I would say no. A digital volt amp meter takes a reading from a low voltage source that is usually on a PC Board, The board reads the acutual amps and volts and transfers it to a workable voltage for the meters to read. This is Kind of a crude way to say it but maybe it is easier to understand.
    Now an analoge meter using a Current shunt will work if you can still find them.
    Dave Evans


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      amp meters

      I was wondering along the same lines today, so I'll jump in, too. I have an old Amprobe Ultra clamp-on analog meter and was wondering if it would read DC amps off my MM200 leads. Any help APPRECIATED.

      Roy Aultman


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        amp-volt meter

        I was just thinking that my meter only goes to about 50-100 amps so it probably won't work for a welder it uses a shunt, and was for a homepower application. I would like to hook a shunt up that was for 200 amps and up to 30 volts, than have an ampmeter and voltmeter on my welder(mm175). I have a Lincoln PM 300 that has every thing on it and use it for welding aluminum with the 50 ft. push-pull gun. but need to lenthing my ground so i can drag it on the boat for welding. I haven't tried the tig yet but plan on soon. I was thinking of getting another feed for it for doing steel so i wouldn't have to change the aluminum part at all.
        and could have tig too. does anyone know what type of tig arc the pm300 puts out. I used a powcon once that was the neatest because it had an arc just like a spark plug and where ever it landed on the metal was the hot spot( it was an inverter type)


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          hobart dave

          this meter has a shunt and is digital also, i was thinking if you hooked up a shunt inline with the gun and it was the right size what would it mater what was going on in the innards of the welder as you get a certain amperage and voltage from the stud to the gun, right all you would have to worry about is the capacity of the shunt and the meters, right and weather thier digital or analog shouldn't matter also unless I'm off base which i have been before