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A good compact bender??

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  • A good compact bender??

    What compact bender is a decent one ?

    I would like it to bend 1/2" - 3/4" sq. tubing, scroll bending and have other asscessories available has needed!

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    This has been discussed 'ad nauseum'. Please use the search engine and you will find all kinds of info.



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      These may be worth checking into;

      I have only used a JD2 model 3 and the Harbor freight flat bar bender- the JD2 will be over-kill for your application and does not scroll. The Harbor freight works for flat bar <1.375 wide alright.

      There is a surprising selection of the Shopoutfitters type benders on the market- I would for sure do a good search at this website than visit the Blacksmithing and Metalshaping websites for even more reviews/how-to's.


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        I would get some type of Hossfeld bender like the one from Then ya can get dies from hossfeld or where ever. The hossfeld dies are expesive. You might be better off getting some kind of tube bender and then get the HF 36131 for scrolling and twisting.
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          Well I purchased one off EBay last week.

          It turned out to be a HF floor mounted model (seller kinda misrepresented it)...But it was a good price.

          It came with the Scroll attachment, for $109.00....It'll give me something to play with.

          Do any dies fit that model for sq. tubing???