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  • airbrush a helmet

    Any reason why a welding helmet couldn't be airbrushed? My bro is getting started and our neighbor is really into airbrushing. I was thinking of surprising him with a customized hood. Plus plain black is usually cheaper.

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    A guy at work has his speedglass painted. It looks great.


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      Just make sure that he uses a paint that won't fade with all the UV it will be exposed to. Some people wonder why when it will get spatter on it and scratched and ... But I want to get mine done sometime, just cuz! Post pics when it's done.

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        Only reason I could think not to do it would be your making the outside surface more flamable? Uncrichie.


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          There is a market for this. I was just thinking about it yesterday as well. Amazing to see the post. Interesting coincidence.

          About twelve years ago, I had my motorcycle helmet custom airbrushed to match my bike. Just/Herm designs did it. Absolutely outstanding work, right down to logos and some artwork I wanted added. $350 for the paint. that was twelve years ago, and I paid it.

          I bet there are guys out there that would pop that amount for a custom job on their welding helmets.

          The way my Speedglas looks now after a year of use, I am glad I diidn't pop for paint.

          If I could airbrush, I'd do it myself though.
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