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  • XRA gun ? for ROCK

    Hey Rock I finally bought a 251 (& a 200dx) and I got the XRA gun to go with it. Christmas in July. I told Airgas to send me a roll of aluminum 4043 wire with it and I didn't state what size. They sent me a roll of .030 and the .030 drive rolls for the gun. I wanted to know what size the liner is in that gun? Can I also run .035? What size wire can I run in it ? It's the 30 foot cable. Also the connection from the push pull box has a funky connection on it . Sort of looks like a garden hose with a #10 sj cord(goes to push pull adapter) on one side and 2 wires(goes to plug in weld gun cable) out the other with a romex connector.Will that come apart? I will try to take a picture of it if I can get my camera back from my daughter. I had to take the push pull box off the side of the welder to install the standard mig gun, cause it didn't look like it wanted to come apart. I didn't try too hard because I didn't want to break it. This should be some sort of quick connect plug in fittings I would think. So the push pull box could be left on the side of the welder and the XRA disconnected.

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    You do not have to change the liner in the gun. It is capable of .030 -1/16 wire.
    The connection you are referring to is a quick turn connector. It should come apart by turning it counter clockwise.


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      ECHO8287....... Well we now have another secret agent in from the cold...........froman......... ......... Works at 3 phase and the feeder department............ and will wonders never cease is also one of the XR gun experts....................... Welcome aboard Jeff...

      Don't you guys just love the way this works..........Enjoy.....Rock...
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        Liner size

        So what size is the liner and can I run .035 wire in it ? David