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  • plug?

    Hello all,

    My friend needs some minor welding done at his house. I have a HH 175 so I asked him if he had a 230V pin style outlet. He said he had one marked 250V and the 3 slots were angled at 45 degrees. I think they call this a crows foot? Anyways here's the 2 questions

    1)Can I use this type of outlet with a adapter?
    2) Is there adapters for going from pin style plug to the other type?


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    i would recommend the correct way of doing it...but I don't know about using an adapter...never had a situation like that but about the voltage 230 is what is needed and only 230

    115 is your regular house voltage....115+115=230 a lot of people have 110's that's why they call it 220....230 is still used with a 50 amp industrial feed mills 440+440=880 WHICH IS USED....



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      What is that garble? Ok, the plug and recept is rated for 250,,, and what that means is that it is not rated for use on a higher higher voltage system. You could make an adapter to use the one your friend has. A residential home system is 120/240. I am going to assume that the recept in question comes from a MAIN ENTRANCE SERVICE PANEL as there are some grounding issues if it comes from a sub fed, which by code it wouldnt be considered proper, but are probably irrelevent for this application. You could go to the store and get a range plug cord and add a recept to match the welder. I beleive the 175 requirea a 6 50-R recept. Here is a pic of one.


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        Ok thanks.

        Both of you



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          Your welcome

          I am glad I could help....what's garble?...hahahaha


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            by the way I am only telling you what i heard from a master electrician