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    Im in need of a saw to cut mostly 1.5" and 2" tubeing will also be cutting other metals square etc. Anyway I have always used torches or abrasive cutting wheels(Chop Saw). Abrasive cutting wheels are not very accurate. I been reading a bit on the carbide cutting saw's. Im curious if anyone here has personal feedback on a company, likes dislikes. I was going to order the makita 12" see harbor freight has them on sale. But Im not able to find any customer feedback likes dislike's. I have found people complain about the porter cable and DeWalt units. Im looking at the Hitachi 14" and thinking is worth the extra money has tooless angle changes etc. Just sounds better. Im in Antarctica so unable to go and look at these in person and when I looked for them before while home none of the shops that sold this stuff had any in stock. Thanks for your time.
    Oh for **** sakes

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    How's da weather?

    I’m sure others with more gray matter than me will tee up here soon but it sounds like you’re spending someone else’s money and your location tells me you just can’t hop on your snowmobile and run down to your local Home Depot for parts. To me you need something that is more industrial and more bullet proof than a chop saw. Go to Google and type in “Cold Saw.” You can order one from both McMaster and MSC once again type in “Cold Saw” and see what they have. Both are good companies and I’m sure they have a department for government procurements.

    You guys are in the middle of winter down there so FedEx is out of the question.....remember to order a few extra blades. It’s hitting over 100F each day here.

    McMaster-Carr is the complete source for your plant with over 595,000 products. 98% of products ordered ship from stock and deliver same or next day.

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      Given your remote location have some spare expensive blades. The blades can be resharpened and new teeth brased on by good saw shop. Must have stock well clamped. If stock your cutting moves teeth can fly distroying blade.


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        That location will give new meaning to the term "COLD SAW"
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          CJ7TRAILDRIVER.......HAHAHA.......I was with task force 43 down there........... that was a long time ago..........Before they let females occupy the area down there................ I guess it is a lot better now with those ladies on board............... Are you headed off to the ice tunnels at the south pole yet............. I had the distinct pleasure of that and I did find it exciting exploreing them.

          What is your duty roster like down there.............. do they still call the blizzards..........Herbies in town..............hahaha.....Those were the days of white outs and freezing cold......... I remember setting in a nodwell (TRACKVEHICLE) for a 3 hour blizzard......

          We blew up (failed) 3 snowmobiles in 2 months down there. But we were not jumping snow drifts with them........... Nor were we joy ridding them,.........If your in Mcmurdo is little America all gone now.............floated out to sea...........

          Is the New Zeland base still the closest base to you. I found Christchurch fascinateing when I was there.......... Absolute beautiful country............... spectacular mountain views.....

          I could go on and on for ever.............. Tell everyone Hey from a long time ago old guy.................Rock................
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            CJ7, relax, you ain't gettin a boat out till September anyhow, according to the last report I saw from the 25 degree sunless paradise.
            By that time, the guys on this board will have those saws all figured out.
            Greetings from an associate of the bald headed generator teck who is now working in sunny Georgia.


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              Here you go Rock a map of downtown McMurdo Station . Kinda of makes you homesick uh? How about one of those Miller giveme hoods for cj7traildriver?

              Here is the current McMurdo Station Weather



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                We use a Makita, after talking to others with various brand saws, all commercial users.
                The Makita seems to have the most sturdy base, clamping mechanism and holds angles very accurately. The 12' blade seems to be a little better at cutting angles.
                My brother , in the last week and a half, has made over 2000 cuts with mine (he is really tired of cutting pipe!), 2/3rds of them miter cuts, all on 1 1/2" and 2" sch. 40 pipe He is still on one blade and it is still cutting fast. I'll probably change it out for resharpening in the next day or two. We couldn't even think about this kind of service from an abrasive chop saw, straight cuts would take about 4 times as long, and the miters we couldn't get out of an abrasive saw.
                These saws are a quantum leap in cutting the type of material you're talking about, I probably wouldn't have believed it without seeing for myself.
                Makita has no tool clamp changes that are pretty quick and easy.
                I think you will be pleased with any of them, but the Makita works best by far for us.
                Also, airborne dust is eliminated and clean up is much easier.

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                  How much was the Makita?


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                    I know you're asking specifically about JTMcC's Makita and I know he'll get back to you but I've just ordered the one from Harbor Frieght and I know many others have also.

                    Harbor Freight buys their top quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!

                    I did a google search on this particular saw and at $359.99, no one else came close.

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                      These saws are a quantum leap in cutting the type of material you're talking about, I probably wouldn't have believed it without seeing for myself.
                      I have the Hitachi CD-14F. These saws are awesome compared to an abrasive. The quality of the Hitachi is leaps and bounds over the Dewalt. Never seen the PC up close. The Makita looks nice too and very similar to the Hitachi, but the Hitachi is a 14".

                      I just received a Tenryu Stealth blade today and tried it out. WOW! VERY quiet, very smooth and fast! The Hitachi blade was really good too and lasted an amazingly long time. The Dewalt blades SUCK! The cut wasnt nearly as smooth or straight and it was LOUD as ****. Had to wear ear plugs.



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                        Also, the Hitachi has a cool stop which allows you to make repeat cuts w/o measuring each one. Works up to about a 12" long piece, and a builtin support on the right side. It is pricey though.

                        I think it is probably the next best thing to a cold saw.


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                          Wow got alot of replys thanks all. The saw is for me not for here in Antarctica. Looks like makita and the hitachi saws are both good unit's.

                          Rock, cool that you been here before. You date my comeing down by alot Im guessing. My first season down here was the summer of 99/00. I work at the VMF in Mc Murdo Im a mechanic so I work on the Nodwells, Deltas,Hagglunds,Sprites, Tuckers etc etc. We have some crazy equipment here.

                          Yes New Zealands Scott Base is the closest station to us is not even a mile away.

                          I have never been to the actual Pole. I have been down some Ice Cave's though, also been down the I-Max cravas which is awsome.

                          Yeah some still call the big storms herbies, though is getting more known as condition's 1,2,and 3. Condition 3 beeing normal, condition 2 beeing limited view and or -80 or colder. Condition 1 is -100 or colder and almost no visibility.

                          I don't know about little America I will have to ask about it. Only thing that comes to mind is the green peace people and they are long gone. Much cleaner around here then it used to be.

                          Wrecked some sleds eh where they the ski-do's forget there name but have 2 tracks on the rear and one ski out front? If so they are still used and break down all the time. We got some new sleds though not many. We also don't have the Sprites anymore ,we now have Piston Bully 100's. Also useing alot of F350 trucks equiped with Mat-tracks.

                          Yeah we have females not alot so is deffinately favored to the females.

                          New Zealand is awsome hopefully they still have snow in early October when I leave for some snowboarding. If not I will be back again next winter and plan to leave at windfly later part of August.

                          Thanks all for the time and feedback I will have to look into the cold saw's but Im thinking they are more then I wish to spend. I don't need accurate accurate but better then a chop saw, least better then one's I been useing.
                          Oh for **** sakes


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                            Hitachi CD-14F

                            Here is the link to Hitachi's CD14F. You can down the owners manual there. Current price on is $499.99



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                              Hey CJ7... From your handle and the fact that you're talking tube of that size, I think we have some hobbies in common (83 CJ-7 myself).

                              I have to ask, have you considered a bandsaw? I had the Dewalt for a while, but then got a bandsaw, and got rid of the circular saw. BTW, cutting flatstock and plate with those saws is not advised.

                              For about the same money, I got this saw:

                              As previously mentioned, blades on the drysaws are expensive ($100ish), a good bimetal blade for my bandsaw was only $21, and has been running for over 4 months of HEAVY use (3/4 plate, 1/2 plate, LOTS of 1.75 tube, etc.).

                              Do a search here, and you can see all the stuff I've turned out with it.

                              The ONLY big plus I can see on the the dry-cuts, having owned both, is the fact that they are more portable/storable than the larger bandsaws.

                              Hope that helps!
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