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  • Hobart TG-200C

    Hi all ,as i am new to this forum,just a small shout out to the members..

    Now i live in TheNetherlands and i just starting to get into tig welding,now where i buy all small amounts of metal ,they had a really cheap tig welder to start with.A HOBART TG-200C.

    Does any one know or have any info on this welder,owners manual,anything?


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    Welcome to the board!

    If you can get the spec. and serial number from the machine I will see if I can find any information on it.


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      OK i am lost now

      Ok as far as i know..

      Typ TG-200C

      NR 82233079

      There is a hobart brothers international inc,in amsterdam,TheNetherlands.and they say there is no such thing,,funny because it is sitting right in front of me


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        better yet ,just tell me what the symbols mean on the front case and i go from there?


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          From the mame plate it was manufactured in the Hobart AG plant.

          International symbols were not standardize in the 60's - 70's and I think that is the vintage of the machine.

          My best quess for the front panel controls are as follows:

          A. Upper Left - AC/DC selector / up = DC and down = AC

          B. Center Left - rotary 4 position process / range switch Left SMAW range 1 & 2, Right GTAW range 1 & 2

          C. Center Right - rotary knob = high frequency intensity
          switch = up HF continous, center HF off, & down HF start

          D Center Lower - hand crank is weld current fine adjustment

          E. Lower Left - Jack Plug is for remote contactor & the tig torchpower/gas connector

          F. Lower Right - negative terminal not used in tig mode but is ground terminal for SMAW / positive terminal for GTAW ground or SMAW electrode when stick welding.

          Hope this helps you


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            Any more info guys??

            No,the guy who sold it to me sayed it is DC only,so i cant weld Alum

            A) still no idea....

            B) i guess ur right there..

            C) rotary knob is timmer for gas flow (found that out) and the switch is only 2 settings up or down,so still no idea

            D,E.F) yep ur right there...

            Come on guys help me out


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              It is definitely AC (the lever on the upper left is the AC DC selector in the DC position). It would be pretty unusual to have an older AC/DC Tig welder that didn't have high frequency. Why not spark it up and see what it does? Let op!


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                Originally posted by ducattiman View Post
                No,the guy who sold it to me sayed it is DC only,so i cant weld Alum
                You were told incorrectly. See these symbols in the red circles? Those are an international symbol for alternating current, a representation of a sine wave.

                (What kind of Ducati do you have/ I've got a '96 Supersport 900.)

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                  Thanks For The Help

                  Eh guys ,went to the shop today and started to clean it up and remove the case and snapped a few pics to help out

                  left side

                  top side

                  other side

                  control box or cpu,or ????


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                    It appears to be set up to run on 380V rather than 220.

                    It is "old school" because it uses selenium rectifiers rather than silicon.

                    There is no obvious spark gap for the high frequency, but maybe it is enclosed or covered.


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                      I think the upper right switch may be a pulser.


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                        I'm looking for an owners manual for a Hobart welder model: TG-201 serial: T-2021.


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                          Forgot to give the specs: 4201


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                            You should have started your own thread as these units are not the same. Please check your email.