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  • Import welder question

    I could swear I posted this 30 minutes ago, but I guess I forgot to hit the submit button.

    Anyway, does anyone have ahave any experience with the little Italian welders made by Cebola and marketed under ATD and other names? My boss brought me his new 130 amp model to check out for him. H e got a deal on it from one of our customers. Only problem is the owner's manual is 90 miles away from us at the present time. Its set up for solid wire and has a spool of .023 installed. The gas line is pretty cheesy, but it is a heavy little rascal, and the case at least is solid.

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    A month or so back there was someone selling welders on ePay that he claimed were Italian manufactured for the RED and I don't mean Airco company, that supposedly had cosmetic defects so Lincoln wouldn't accept them.
    Other than that, and a small chainsaw engine driven DC machine that came from Italy 20 years back, my only experience with Italian welders involves my wife and her wooden spoon. She can weld that sucker up side my head real well.


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      Chainsaw drive; bet that was loud. This is similar to the Clarke, Astro, etc.. The case is solid and the machine has a contactor. My mig is at my mother-in-law's house since I'm building a fence there. The only gas I have at home is 90 Ar/10 CO2, and using that was a disaster. The gas line is simply teflon tubing, and the regulator is a single gauge type. Its only set up for .023 wire and the spare contact tips are Tweco.


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        Are you sure it is Cebola, not Cebora? Daytona MIG markets the Cebora products here in the US. Daytona MIG's shop is just a couple miles from my shop, and I have used many of their products. I have a 160A MIG that I got from Jim about 7-8 years ago...has never so much as hicupped.

        Good luck.


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          I wouldn't touch nothing foreign especially not from those bunch o f

          Ah REDDARC......... remember your warning sir........... No verbal abuse.......................Thanks................ Rock
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            Cebora sounds more like it, never heard of a ceborla. Never the less, I just kicked one out the door, it needed some circuit board work. Heavy bugger with a big fan on the back. Cranked out some serious power though for a 130.


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              I borrowed a cylinder of C-25 and tried the welder out tonight. It does a decent job for a small machine. Limited to ,023 wire. Consumables are Tweco clones, but the nozzle is too large for close quarters. Before I return it I am getting him a narrower one. I will try to post a few pictures later.


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                With c-25, that machine will run up to 030" easily.


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                  You think that could be a spinoff of the HTP co?



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                    Originally posted by ventureline
                    With c-25, that machine will run up to 030" easily.
                    It would, except that the machine is only set up for .023. They make another model which accepts .023-.035 wire.

                    Bernie, it is entirely different than the HTP, but looks a lot like the Clarke.


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                      hi guys..............The only italian job with an engine drive I'm familure with is the one manufactured by MOSA....... after the hobart folks dropped the line the folks in RED adapted it but also sooN dropped it as I recall............... W.R. REPAIR IN BREWSTER, NY is still the mosa distributor for I think North America............ Ah a little insight folks.......................Be safe...............Rock..........
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