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Craftsman AC and Dayton 250 AC/DC buzzbox

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  • Craftsman AC and Dayton 250 AC/DC buzzbox

    I'm sorry for the "classified ads", but I'm trying to clean out the garage. I've got so much extra "seemed like I good idea at the time" crap that I've bought/been given and all its doing is taking up space. I have a craftsman 135 AC buzzbox that was given to me by my grandfather, and I used it to build my first hotrod, it has served me well and its free to a good home, so long as the new owner will appreciate it, use it, and pass it off again when the time comes.

    The Dayton Buzzbox is a beast, its missing the leads and the powercord, but appears to be in decent shape otherwise. Bring me $20 and a 6 pack and its yours. These are both located in the LA area.

    If interested, call Pat at 310-947-7014
    Lincoln SP175
    Craftsman O/A setup
    HT30 plasma
    HF 6x4 bandsaw
    Cadillac 1440 lathe
    Tree 2UVR mill
    HF tube roller
    Bead roller
    Pro-Tools 105 bender

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    Hey Pat, very nice post. Its great that your going to help someone enter the wonderful world of welding. Its nice to know that there are kind souls still out there. Uncrichie.