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A few ARC welding questions

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  • A few ARC welding questions

    I picked up a old AC arc welder and need to get a few things for it.The rod hold is old and not in the best shape so iam looking on what to get to replace it.The welder is rated at 235amps ac 50%duty,also what about a ground clap for it?I did a search for cable size and i saw people talking about useing a small sized lead for flexablity.Is there anymore info anyone could give me on this,like size and so on?Also iam runing a extension cord form the house to our grage to run it.The cord is 6 or 8 gage wire,it was my grandfathers and he used it for the same reason for years.The welder is on a 50amp braker by it's self.My question being is it safe to use?Also i want to weld inside the grage but there is not much room,and i do not want burn it down.One of my cars is in there but it has not been on the road in a long time.My question is what would be the best and safest way to go about this?Thanks for any and all advice.

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    For your purposes, just about any holder and ground clamp will work. Well, let me clarify that to mean any other than those for 110v welders. If you go to a welding supply they will know what you need. They can tell you about the cable size too, but I have 50 foot #2 cable on my shop welder. The ground and electrode holder cables need to be the same size. I wasn't sure in your post whether you were talking about someone saying the ground could be smaller. If you are just using this welder in a small garage, you might do with #4 cable and save a few $$. The wire size and 50a breaker should work. I ran a box about like your's like that for a long time.

    "One of my cars is in there but it has not been on the road in a long time.My question is what would be the best and safest way to go about this?" Move the car out of the garage. If this is impossible, be sure you have all of the windows up and there are no fuel leaks on or under the car. Also, make sure there is nothing in the garage that can be easily set on fire. I'm talking about paper sacks, rags, grass clippings on mower... etc. A small fire can quickly grow and consume the car and garage! Having a fire extinguisher or two handy can't hurt either.

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      Find a local welding supplier and buy a new stinger holder and a ground clamp. #1 welding wire will do fine for leads. You don't need them really long from what is sounds like you're going to do. 25' should be plenty. All of this stuff is available on-line if you can't get it locally.

      The #8 extension cord will do fine. Even better if it's #6!

      Think about some screens for the welding area. You can use hardboard, or any fire resistant material. The store-bought screes are pretty pricey. Keeps the sparky things contained. They do tend to pop up high sometimes too, though! Keep a fire extinguisher handy any time you are welding. Watch the housekeeping.

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        I was thinking of some welding blankets form HF to cover the car and other things,if this is not a grate idea what problems if any will i run into if i weld outside?.As for the cable question.I was talking about a small leads of 4g or something on the ends so it is more controllable,and so i do not have to be lumping around stiff heavy cable while iam welding.Thanks


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          I have the same clutter situation in the garage. I open the door and weld a few feet outside. I use 4' x 4' 1/2" plywood as wind screens. When I'm finished I leave the plywood outside overnight and keep an eye on things in the garage for at least 1/2 hour after quiting welding. This isn't inconvenient for a hobby welder like me. Uncrichie.