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    i often wonder why many of you guys are so obseesed on having to buy a miller welder.
    i am a pro welder with 3 miller machines ( trailblazer , 625, and small mig 135 and i just bought a new 240 HTP mig 2 weeks ago i tried 255 linc and 250 miller and i find this machine is as good if not better for 500 bucks less money with a company that gives you extra consumables included with machine . it has all copper windings and has a plug in circuit board you can install in 5 minutes if needed. this is athe smoothest machine i have used

    look at it

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    Several people have touted HTP on this site, me included. Haven't heard any negative feedback from owners. Only drawback is inability to put your hands on one before the sale.


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      I'm far from obsesed,my local dealer does not carry HTP,i own 4 Lincolns and 1 Miller,each "class" has a proven winner so i try to stick to that when buying.My dealer will beat any internet price on new machines so i go with Miller and Lincoln,no obsession,just smart business.


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        Let me put it this way,
        I own 6 Linconns and 2 Lincoln parts machines (the real Lincolns before the MBA jagoffs started runnin the company)
        3 Millers
        3 P&H machines
        1 Thermal Dynamics {and will NEVER buy another}

        I've also owned the biggest piece of CRAP Miller ever built, the Zip Cut aledged plasma cutter.
        I've also owned Hobarts and Aircos

        I don't buy machines off the internet, I choose to support my local dealer who has supported and been there for me over the last 40 years. Granted I may have an exceptional supplier, but I firmly believe business relationships are developed over time by both sides of the transaction, and bear fruit to both partys over time as well. The business part of welding is worth as much investment as the technicle part over the course of time.

        The joy of a few bucks saved on a machine is forgotten long before the lack of support for the machine is.