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    Hello fellas.I'm about finished with my fourth semester of welding school.I took three semesters at one school,and one semester at this school.I went to the new school because it offered an advanced mig and tig class.I want to tig weld aluminum and stainless for a living.When I started the class the teacher woulnd't let me tig weld because he didn't know me.I told him about all the other classes I took,I even got certified in verticle smaw.He made me start from the begining.I had to do a ton of different joints using smaw.Then I had to do a bunch of o/a welding.I'm already pissed because I paid for the advanced class and he's not letting me tig weld.I told him I wanted to tig weld.I had to barrow money for this last class hoping to come out of it ready to tig weld.I can't afford another semester of school.This class is almost over and he said I will let you try it next week.We have like five classes left.I'm not going to be a great tig weldor in five short classes.It sucks because I feel like he kept me from learning something that I really wanted to learn,and I was trying to further myself for my future.He didn't let me advance because he didn't teach me in the previous semesters.That sucks.Most of the tig booths sat empty the whole semester.I can't believe the teacher wouldn't want to help me reach my goals.I feel like I should write a letter or something.Sorry for the long rant,I needed to get this off my chest.I guess I will start looking for a stick or mig job.I love both of these processes,but I really want to tig!!!!!!! Thanks for listening..

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    I suggest taking your concerns to the appropriate person within school management. You have paid for a service that you did not recieve. It is basically no different than any other business transaction and they should offer to fix the problem - if they don't, you are not complaining loud enough or to the right person. If they fail to satisfy you, go to a local newspaper and speak to one of their investigative reporters and see if they can use their 'power' to persuade the school to do the right thing - schools do not like negative publicity and this would all be free if you catch the attention of the reporter.

    It seems like the school should let you at least 'audit' the appropriate classe(s).

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      I agree. It sounds like they owe another free semester ... and maybe they need a new welding instructor to boot. As long as you met the prereq's to get into the class (no matter where you got them) they had the responsibility to teach you the course material, it's your money they took ... try to make them give you what you paid for. Good luck on your pursuits.
      Regards, George

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        Did you transfer to the new school with the expectation of receiving a diploma or certificate? If this is a certificate program then I agree with the instructor. His reputation is based on the quality of the graduates. Most of these programs are competency-based, so he needed to verify your skills met his standards.

        On the other hand, if they offer stand-alone classes and they did not provide you with the content you paid for then you have a legitimate complaint.

        Good luck!
        Bill C
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          I think a discussion with addmissions would be in order. If you meet the requirements for the class you shouldn't be piddling around in general basic levels.
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            Not speaking to the school issue per se, but he is not hurting you at all if he is having you weld with O/A. Tig welding is very similar to O/A. So if you have that skill mastered, the hard part is over. Tungsten grinding and cup selection are both fairly easy and can be learned in a day or less, as is machine setup and operation.

            So grab your torch and show off your skill when you are in class. And talk to the school's admisions office if you think you are not getting what you paid for.

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              I agree with what BillC said above. However I think its a 2 way street. Knowing that you were transferring into a new school you should have asked alot more questions. This is not the first time I have heard this same situation in the trade school area. Should your current teacher believe that you are ready for the advanced course, I don't know. Maybe he should have tested you in welding areas you already studied and completed. As mentioned earlier if it was a stand alone class and there was no prerequisite of the other courses from the same school you should go have a talk with the administration.

              Its important that anyone else in trade schools take this situation as a learning experience. Ask lots of questions if transferring out to a new school!!!!!!!! Uncrichie...


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                Bottom line, you did not get what you paid for. See the administration and be very firm about getting money back or taking class again at no charge. However, don't get loud or belligerent. You catch more flys with honey than you do with vinegar.



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                  This is not right

                  ask for a meeting with the head of the school. explane your experiance. If you don't get an additional class or your money back, you'll go to small claims court.
                  In calif. small claims is good up to $7500. You can file the suit yourself,without hiring a lawer. get a book from the NOLO PRESS good luck


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                    words of wisdom

                    I disagree with all,
                    Unless this was a tig specific course your instructor is doin the right thing. You have to learn to walk before you can run if you want to do this for a living.
                    Get a mig welding job were there are tig welders, pay your dues and I aint talkin union dues, work your way up, be in the right place at the right time.
                    Look at it this way,
                    if the welding thing does not work out, you can always be an engineer.
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                      Originally posted by Phewzer View Post
                      Look at it this way,
                      if the welding thing does not work out, you can always be an engineer.

                      Not until they suck out the common sense portion of his brains...........

                      As I see it, if it's labeled as a "Mig and Tig" course at least 1/3-1/2 of the shop time had better be tig related, no reason it shouldn't be. Granted, if there are some of the students that can't do mig right they probably shouldn't be trying tig, but there's no reason to hold the ones that are already mig certified back.

                      I'd definitely have a talk with those in charge, explain your case, including your previous schooling/certifications and the fact that you had to borrow money to take the class. Make sure you lay out what the course description stated and what you expected to get from the class based on the description and see what they say. The worst they can do is tell you to go blow, but I doubt they will.

                      One of my co-workers went to the local community college for a metalworking class, half of the machines that should have been used in the course were so poorly maintained they wouldn't work, and although the course desription stated a 50/50 split between classroom and shop time it was more like 80/20. He went to the admissions office and explained that he didn't feel he got what he paid for, and they gave him a full refund including the books that he kept.



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                        Originally posted by tdkkart View Post
                        Not until they suck out the common sense portion of his brains...........
                        Hey now be nice,
                        A lot of guys who fail at fab/welding school,
                        go on to have pretty good carears as engineers.

                        Of course then they turn around and get revenge
                        on the guys who masterd fab/welding.
                        America, Clinging to our Guns and Religon since 1776.


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                          i am looking at this from a different angle. you say you do o/a
                          welding, are you good at this? if so you have it aced, because
                          anybody that can o/a weld very good can TIG weld. you will find
                          that TIG welding is much better than o/a, because you do not have
                          all the problems with setting the gas regulators like you have on o/a.
                          i do agree with the other post that you have been shortchanged on
                          this course, and you should take it to a higher authority.
                          i wish you good luck.
                          wright city, mo.


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                            Thanks for al the replies.I will talk to the school.I took that class as an advanced class because I knew I met all the requirements.He just din't let me advance because I wasn't in his class before.I did get good at o/a welding.I know its good to learn that before tig because it is harder.I just felt I paid for something that I did not get because the teacher didn't know me personally.Thanks for all the advice.I will let everyone know what happens.