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  • need a part number

    ive got a hh135 and had to replace to pot.the place i ordered it from sold me one in a miller package .and when you use it now it feeds fast turned on the lowest setting and really fast turned up .i need the part number for the right part or any other helpful info thanks

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    The unit is made by miller so the part coming packaged with Miller on the outside is no big deal.I'd contact a local welding shop/ call Hobart customer support.Here is the link
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      Thats because miller supplied you a 1K pot, several of the Hobarts appear to be 5K pots, so a visit to your local electronics store and 8 bucks will get you a clarostat 5K 2wt linear potentiometer


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        thack, the potentiometer part number is 194513. It is a 5K pot, but is not linear, it has a special log taper. Hope this helps.


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          Originally posted by Hobart Expert Brian View Post
          thack, the potentiometer part number is 194513. It is a 5K pot, but is not linear, it has a special log taper. Hope this helps.
          thats the part number on the one i have it works but not right .mabe some other problems


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            thack, give our Tech. Service a call at 1-800-332-3281, Keith or Dave will be able to help you out.


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              dave i want to replace the same one do you know how much it costs from you guys? what is a log tapper? i want to go to my local store and get a 5k one but need to know what a log tapper is?


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                Logarithmic taper potentiometer is full name.


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                  Log taper is also very similar to the audio taper at radio shack. The linear is just that and the log is kind of bell curved if you look at their plot on an Oscope. You can get both at radio shack or any electronics supply store. Hope that helps.
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                    i just talked with tech support seems its a 0-50k pot not a 5 k pot i might be able to get one from my electornics shop

                    can i use a log or a linear? or do i have to use the log? does the hh135 use a reverse pot or normal pot?

                    i got ahold of a log 1.5 watt 50k.. that should be enough watts right? from what i understand its just signal its not actual voltage runing though this thing... because if you look at the one off the welder its super cheap looking its carbon i got a high end one for 2 bucks.. hobart wanted 20 just for their cheap one go figure....
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                      Guys, I love this site.... I have a Hobart 135 Mig and this site has now twice saved me money in repairs. I found it by searching to replace the circuit board when my relays failed. I found help here as to how and where I could buy new relays. Short change later, my welder works great!

                      The other day I knocked something off the bench in my shop and snapped the wire feed off. I was lucky and it did not change the setting and still worked. I just opened it up to see if I cold fix it, and found a cheap little switch that was not repairable. Well, looking here, I think that I may have a part just two miles away at Radio Shack. My switch was pn: 1294513 and is listed as 55k ohm.

                      Will the switch linked below work for me? It's listed as a 50k ohm switch though.

                      Please let me know if this should work. Thanks guys!