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  • Lincoln Square Wave 175 Pro

    A friend of mine is looking at a Lincoln Tig welder. The machine is from a small vocational school. He says they told him it has about 4 hours run time on it. he says the machine has gas regulator , foot control etc. The reason for selling is they want all 3phase machines.

    What Hector wanted to know is how reliable is the machine. The machine would be used mostly as a hobby machine. Mostly fabing jeep parts etc. It is priced at $1800Canadian or about $1400 US$. Any comments would be appreciated

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    I believe that is what I paid for the same machine brand new last year,don't have the paper work in front of me. Even though it only has 4 hrs it is still used(no warranty or dealer support) .
    I have used both Miller(180 sd and dial arc 250) and Lincoln(175 pro) with out a problem.Seems a little over priced but hope he works it out he will like the machine . Mike.


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      I can buy a brand new Lincoln 175 pro for 1400.00 USD.
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        Its a nice little machine (I own one), but for that price or just a little more you could get a brand new one.

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          I have to agree, the machine is great I have one that is about 5 years old andit still runs as good today as it did the day I got it.

          Price for used from a voc school, well thats a little high considering that a bunch of kids used it.

          I would go new than dump that kind of cask into that one.

          Good Luck


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            Somewhat expensive for an old non-warrantied machine. The older ones tended to throw the HF choke coil. Without a warranty, it would get somewhat pricey.

            What I don't get is that you say that the school is buying 3 phase Tig machines.

            You know... I've never seen a 3 phase AC/DC/ HF tig machine...


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              Vertureline,Hackasaws machine is a ac/dc three phase tig machine.


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                The 175 pro is a single phase machine. I'd think I'd know this considering I'm a Factory Lincoln Tech....


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                  All, and I really mean ALL, welding machines that have AC as a welding medium ARE single phase. Well I'm putting that reasoning behind ALL Miller, Lincoln, T-dyne, ESAB, Panasonic spec sheets that I have on file. Since I have factory electronics technical training on the listed brands, perhaps one of you can prove me wrong??

                  Only tig units with DC/CC can have 3 phase as the input as this power is basically rectified from an SCR bank, IBGTs, or a set of Diodes.

                  How do you manage to produce a single AC sinewave from 3 phases? I'll need an engineering degree for that one.


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                    Not to claim any expertise on how anybody builds their welders, but it would be quite easy to tap off one phase on a 3 phase, transform it to the voltage range you want, and you have AC. If you rectify the input on single or 3 phase, then add an inverter, again you can make AC. It's no big deal.


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                      Yes, I can understand where you are comming from, but the system would be redundant and the signal would be virtually uncontrollable. Perhaps that is why no one makes a machine like that.


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                        The 175 the school has was bought less than a year ago, and was used only by the instructors. The machine was run on single phase only. The reason they said for not using the 175 was that they wanted to use only 3 phase machines.

                        Thanks for the input gentlemen I will pass it along to my buddy.