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So whats wrong with Flux Core??

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  • So whats wrong with Flux Core??

    TOTAL newbie question here give me a break...

    Im playing with my recent purchase ( HH140) and practicing welding scrap junk together...using .030 flux core. People have told me they are "toy" welders..but "spec-wise" I think its going to do anything that I personally ever need.

    While practicing this weekend..I "tarried" a tad long in one spot and burnt a hole clear thru a piece of 1/4 sheet. ( I was attaching a LARGE hex nut to it(...told ya..playing THIS tells me that it has enough "power" to weld 1/4 to 1/4..or am I wrong?

    And if I were using a stick welder... ( which I cant Id have to chip off the slag / whats wrong with me using the .030 flux core and doing the same thing? ( chipping off the slag as it were)

    I fully realize that if I were doing THIN sheet stock...Id use a lot smaller wire and gas also...but Im trying to get a feel for the more upper limits of what this little machine can do

    BTW...the amp setting was on #3 ( of 4) and running about 40 on the feed at the time.

    So I guess..."What wrong with slag"?...

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    Nothing at all ....

    I'm an existencialist = {it just is}
    but purists will have an opinion for everthing that needs one ...and keep extras just incase

    I know an excellant tool welder that doesn't have any use for mig or flux ???
    he's cheatin himself ......

    when I attack , I want a gun , a knife , a sword , and a little jar-o-gass and a liter .
    I'll use the best wheapon when I find out what I'm up against

    Mondays are boring don't you think ?
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      I do however draw the line at 3 for acronims

      MIG TIG STK FLX , and be done with it !!

      so don't bother me with swearing crows and the like "fcaw"
      Negative people have a problem for every solution


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        Nuthin Sully.


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          Nothing wrong with using Flux Core.

          It's sorta like being young and vigorous.

          Young guys run around like there is no tomorrow.

          Old guys have to drag along a bottle of gas to limp around.


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            nothin wrong

            Howdy Howdy! Flux core wire certainly has it's place! A decent machine certainly helps as well. The hobart you have is far above the caliber of one of the cheep HF type machines, and this helps a ton. good luck! Brian Lee Sparkeee27


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              OK fellas...Ya got me convinced ( I think?? When I got to thinking it over it and thought...1/4" stock...1 /16 rod for stick welding...chip off the slag....VS....030 flux core wire..chip off the slag..??..couldnt really see what real diff there would be??

              Thanks for the replys!


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                um, less smoke and a cleaner weld prolly??
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                  Think of Flux cored wire as stick electrode turned inside out. It generally gives you better penetration verses MIG at the same amperage and also will help with dirty metal or rusty surfaces. MIG is great on clean steel and everyone likes it because it's less smoke but the reason Innershield makes smoke is because it's creating C02 as it burns and that is why you don't need to use a shielding gas with it.


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                    The HH140 is not a "toy" welder by any means. Still, it is not rated for single pass welds of .250 stock with any arrangement of wire and/or gas. The fact that you can burn through .250 with it is not a good indication of the machine's capability to weld.

                    HH140's can weld thicker stock, but it boils down to joint preparation and technique (multi-pass, etc.). I have successfully welded .250 x 2" angle iron with my old MM135 using a double V-grove, open root joint welded from both sides. But, I wouldn't build a trailer with that machine!

                    As for there being anything wrong with flux-cored wires, consider that flux-core is used in structural steel ******** every day! It's the combination of wire, machine, and man that make the difference!

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