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  • Invertec V300 Pro

    I know this is a "Hobart" board and I'm asking about a red box, but I figured since you're all such smart folks, you'll be able to help me out

    I found someone selling a used Lincoln Invertec V300 PRO. From what I gather this is a discontinued "industrial" welder which does MIG/TIG/Stick and presumably is inverter-based rather than transformer based. The seller is asking only $900 CAD for it, but he's advertizing it as a 3 phase welder. I checked the online manual, and it can also be wired for 208/230 single phase . . . . Maybe the seller doesn't know this and thinks it will be difficult to sell a "three phase" machine?

    Anyone have experiences / advice on buying a used welder? I know this is probably more welder than I'll ever need (200 amp output from single phase input, 300 amps from triple phase), but it is comparable in price to a new MIG. . . .

    Thanks for any advice or opinions!
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    There a good machines for their generation. The Invertec V300 Pro fixed all the known issues of the V300 family

    The price seems high for such an old welder ( 8+ years ) . When you factor in you need a wire feeder on top of the $ 900 , you are better off buying a new 200 or 250 wire feed welder like a Milleratic or Power MIG

    Keep in mind with Inverters if something goes wrong when its out of warranty the cost to repair is so high you might as well throw it out. The switchboards or control board in these machines will be pushing $800+