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Tap vs continuous voltage control

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  • Tap vs continuous voltage control

    I need to weld some 20 ga auto body metal and want to get a MIG welder for this purpose. I have a stick welder and it works fine for larger metal. So the MIG is only for sheet metal.

    In this context, can anyone tell me in practical terms what difference there is between the welders that use the tap settings for voltage control and the continuous settings for voltage control?

    Will the tap settings be easier or more difficult to use than the continuous voltage control?

    Does auto body sheet metal require the adjustability that continuous voltage control allows or does this just complicate the process?

    The goal is to weld some small panels to replace rust spots in 20 ga steel sheet metal on an auto body.

    I already have a stick welder and a torch for other welding.

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    In my opinion, the taps make it easier to use, especially if this is your first mig, and yes, you can easily weld body panel,...use .023 wire and c25 gas.


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      The tap is only half of the adjustment on the machine, fine tuning is done via wire speed. People have been welding sheet metal with tap machines for at least 40 years.
      Like any machine, you need to learn it's fine points before you make quality welds.