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Powdered core wire???

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  • Powdered core wire???

    There is a new MIG wire out from JW Harris that has a powdered metal core for welding thin metal. The info I got from my welding supply store says it won't burn thru and won't splatter. Has anybody heard of this? If it works it would sure help me when welding 16ga. tubing with my MM210.
    Todd Eldridge
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    O.K. I'll bite....
    When you mentioned metal cored wire being a better alternative than solid wire for 16ga., I began to question this. Usually metal cored, gas-shielded combines the deposition rate of gas-shielded flux cored with the efficiency of solid wire. So why would someone recommend to you to use a metal cored wire? I went to the Harris site and found that they don't make any metal cored for steel applications, only a self-shielded flux core E71T-GS and a gas shielded flux core E71T-1. They may be new to Harris, but they are not new in the industry! Hobart also makes the E71T-GS, known as Fabshield 23. It is recommended for thin-gage fillet and lap, though I would think that thin to them is not 16ga but something larger. You will have smoke and flux to contend with that you won't have with a solid wire, and I personally don't think you need it since 16ga is not thin for solid wire mig. You can try a roll and then write a review for us, or you can just keep practicing What problems are you experiencing? From what Dan has been saying about the MM210, there should be no problem in getting that dog to walk around the block