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HH 175 with .045 wire

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  • HH 175 with .045 wire

    I plan on welding up a couple of new trailers with my HH 175 and I have the notion that .045" wire would do a better job than my present set up of .035". Am I thinking right or am I mistaken about the larger wire being better for heavier material? Maximun material thickness would most likely be .25". I am and would be using fluxcore wire. Can anyone give me any advice on using .045" wire and what brands they have tried.

    I have been using some fabshield 21b in .030" and I like that wire a lot but I am having problems finding fabshield in my area. I tried the lincoln nr-211-mp in .035" but I like the fabshield a lot better. Does anyone know of a good online source of fabshield wire? I am interested in a wire that is classed as E71T-11 so that I can use multipasses on material thicker than .25".

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    The advantages using .045 wire are cheaper per pound, and better wire selectiion. .045 wire will work use upper half of HH175 amp range with some wires requiring upper 1/4 of amp range. Look at manufacture's welding parameter charts. Call and ask their engineers questions or e-mail questions.

    I would also look at They have large selection of welding wires and great welding parameter charts. They list many flux core, metal core and even hard surfacing wires some .030 more .035 and .045 in 10 pound and 33 pound rolls that I don't see available from other companies. Be sure to look at All State Products consumables listings.