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Cable Connectors?

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  • Cable Connectors?

    What are the best type cable connectors? I have #2 cable and would like to be able to disconnect my leads for storage and also to change between machines.

    What type connectors are on Miller machines and what size are they? Are they interchangeable with other connectors like Pearson or Tweco? I’m eventually going to have a TIG system

    , either a Syncrowave 180 or when the prices come down on the inverter type machines maybe a Maxstar 200. I’m just trying to plan ahead and install the same type connectors on my present machine

  • #2
    I use the tweco quick-connects to use my cable between 4 different machines. If you rig your cables at 30-50 ft lengths, with a male /female arrangement, the combinations of lengths available using 6 cables is extensive. With instrumentation, I detect a relatively small loss through the entire cable lengths.