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    Ok, here's a question for Rocky D or one of the other more knowledgeable people here. I have a HH 135 and for solid wire they only recommend .030 for the largest size wire to use in MGAW. For FCAW I switched to .035 on Rocky D's advice and that worked much better for the 1/8" angle iron. Now I finally broke down and bought an Argon bottle and was wondering why they don't recommend 035 solid wire for the thicker metals like they do in FCAW. Instead, they just recommend increasing the wire speed. Your thoughts?

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    Hey Tim135,

    I'm in Maple Grove and also have a new HH135. Where did you get yours? Price paid, if I can ask? Where did you get your bottle? I'm assuming that you meant CO2/Argon mix?

    To answer your question (i'm no expert, though), I think the flux core wire produces a hotter arc and therefore can weld slightly thicker material.

    As Far a wire speed, I'll turn that over to the experts.

    What do you have planned for HH135? Any neat projects?

    Good luck



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      Hi Maxwell, I bought my HH135 at Northern Tool and Equipment for $449.00 in Nov of '02. I just bought my Co2/Argon bottle at Mpls Oxygen Co. They currently have a sale on with a 40 Cu. Ft. bottle for $79. and half price on your first fill. I am planning on building a motorcycle trailer.


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        Same..Same...I too bought mine at Northern and my 40 CuFt bottle at MplsO2

        Great minds think alike I guess!

        Motorcycle trailer ya say.. Whatcha got to put on it? HD maybe?

        I am currently between rides of the two wheeled kind, but hope some day....

        I am thinking about a welding plasma table for my next project.

        I tried to weld .187 thick HR the other day with my 135 and gas and was a little dissapointed. I got better penetration using the flux core. And according to Dan here at welding talk, that is about as thick as the 135 can go.

        Keep us posted on the trailer project!