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    my first helmet was a $25 lincoln electric i got at lowes. i could not get it to to wear right. it always crept down when i did not want it to (like between welds).
    so then i got a jackson $25. at first it seemed better.
    can you guess whats comin.
    yep... same thing. when i flip it up it wont stay up. i adjust it till my head hurts and it still drifts down when i am settin up between welds.
    maybe i am not adjusting them helmet properly...
    but i am wondering what would be a fool proof good working helmet for a beginner
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    Welcome to the forum, Paul...some of those helmets have a real fine area to set the pivot screws in. Ya just have to keep playing with it till ya get it right.


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      Welcome, I have two Jackson Shadow helmets, one fixed and one variable. I was a long time adjusting them also, I used the second pin in from the back edge and it seems to work for me. I never have been able to just flip it up and down using just my the knobs are cranked down fairly tight. I don't know of anything that is foolproof!
      Regards, George

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        keep trying

        ok - i wont give up on them just yet.
        i have tryed the different holes for the side knob adjusters but the little **** keep poppin out of the holes after a few tilt back and nods - i just probably dont have the finese yet.

        does anyone know if the 'huntsman' might be easier to adjust compared to the two i now have ?

        thanks for the welcome - i really like what you guys do here.



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          Along with a Jackson and a Fibermetal I have two Huntsmans................same problems.

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            I have a Fiber Metal Tiger Hood that is over 30 years old. Cost me $10 when new. I bought a second Fiber Metal that is almost identical. They are light and stay put when raised but flip easily when you nod your head. If someone's auto dark. lens would fit one of them, it would be a great helmet. The head gear costs almost as much as the helmet, but you might look around your local supplier for one. I have the same issues with my Jackson Shadow, so I don't raise it often.


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              How old is your helmet? I had the same problem with jackson a few years ago. After awhile I replaced the headgear but it did the same. Sometime later I ran into a jackson rep at a farm show. He said he was aware of the complaints and "gave" me a new style headgear for it that seems to work some better.


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                The Huntsman has detents that help keep the hood up...I never liked the Jackson...too heavy. When I get a new hood, I put it to the up position and tighten the knobs on both sides...then to make it so's it'll flip down, I back off one side only. I may have to do it a couple of times, but it will usually work. It's like anything else....patience and practice.