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  • Nex Gen 3N1

    I just bought the jackson 3n1 Nex Gen. It has plenty of features. Variable shade , grind and torch modes. Have tried it on stick and mig, lent it to a friend for low amp tig he said it was great.
    I do have 1 gripe with it. I seen ghost images in certain positions. While welding overhead I tip the visor forward and the image is not as clear and I see another shadow of the same image. I have never had this with any standard type visor.

    There is a gap between the protective cover plates and the LCD cartridge and I am wondering if this is what is causing the distortion.

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    I have a Jackson EQC Master Variable HTLS for over a year now. No ghosts at all, There is also a gap on mine, I am guessing you have the lens in a shadow helmet. I was looking at that same helmet as a replacement for mine, as Aaron says, talk with the dealer and let us know.
    Regards, George

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      i have the same helmet and i have had no gost flames


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        I've got the same helmet too, with no problems. Only use it with tig though. Call Jackson and I'm sure they will replace the lens.


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          thanks for the replies about the helmet, I think I will send them an e mail and see what they have to say.


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            contact your local dist. and they will contact the local factory rep from jackson, i know that they will stand behind the product.
            mike l porter sr.
            cwi / cwe