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    As some of you might kow my Compressor is broken at the moment and has been that way for a bit.

    I came home tonight from work and there was a TSC " Tractor Supply Co" Ad here at the house. Inside I found a Ingersoll-Rand. Thay say its 11.8 Peek HP. I would like to see the tag on the motor first ! But its a 80 Gal. All Cast Iton Pump @ 18.1 CFM @ 90 Psi. Its Single Stage. Mounted Discharge Valve, with a 2 year Warranty and On Sight Service. There Selling it at 699.99

    I was just wondering what some of ya all thought of it? I know I'll stop in and see if I can get a look at the tag on the motor to see the PH and Amprage ratting. Oh yea its only 220 Vac Not some 110 wonder !! Im just worried if I stop I'll buy it! LOL

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    That is about 4 hp or so,, I am sure the label will say more,, ha,, Its approx 4 cfm per hp,,, real hp Thats really a good bit of air for the $ actually
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      Ya know for about $200 more you could fix you old compressor

      Baldor 7.5hp 1720rpm for $900
      Scott Schering


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        Well that didn't work..

        go to

        look up motor #L3710T
        it's a tefc (totaly enclosed fan cooled)

        they also have a 7.5hp open drip proof model for $748

        thats the L1510T
        Scott Schering


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          Old Man Stick,

          For more info on that compressor, go HERE, click on SPECIFICATIONS and look at the SS5L5. The TSC version is the same setup with an 80 gallon tank instead of a 60. I have the IR version and it is a great compressor. The IR page says 5 HP - in fact, mine is a 5HP, 3450 rpm, Emerson motor. I've had no problems with mine and am quite satisfied.

          Allen T.