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    I wonder how much they changed their lo-hi? When I had the oportunity to use it I found, as well as others, that it was crucial to maintain the right arc length to keep from getting porosity on starts. It was crucial and being in a nuke I thought it was foolish and cost (or made since it was TM) millions of dollars. The positions and locations were less than ideal and it was aggrivating when you were in a corner using a mirror and having to burn an inch off 25 rods with 3 bends in it to get a 3 inch weld. I made it a point to avoid that stuff for years after that. As Scott eluded to in an earlier post I never gave much thought to solid wire differences and I really find out here how much behind the times I have become. I just rub 2 sticks together and try to make sparks anymore. I dont really build much that requires engineered quality and have never had breakage problems but have heard of some on more ruggedly used equipment. When it was a stick world I was an A weldor,,, now with more modern machines I have fallen to a B,,, go figure.

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    I don't know about when they changed their composition. I don't have stick data books for chemtron so I really don't know what to tell you. By the way, which do you prefer to use for lo-hydrogen rods?


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      I use so little anymore and havnt bought a can in a couple years and only use a little on portable. I have been using Lincoln and I dont remember the number even. I welded for a couple hrs tonight, all wire, for a hitch on a big bulldozer. Thats probably as much as I have done at one time in the last year and I dont miss it. I weld something everyday but most of it is small stuff, a few minutes at the most usually. I did use one rod on a job today reaching out the door but they are few and far between and even on the road its a couple of rods here and there and I find myself using 6010 most of the time. I use to be a dedicated lo-hi junkie before we went to wire. 2 am and just finish,, time for shower and bed