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  • Maxstar300LX

    Has anybody used one of these for stick welding? The local dealer as one that was ordered but the guy cancelled the order. i can get it for a good price. i want to use it for stick now but want to use it for TIG later.

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    I don't own one, but I have used the maxstar 200dx and know a few others who own them. They have explored both stick and tig operation and have been happy. The 300lx you are interested in I think has an even smoother arc (it appears that the volt/amp curves from the miller website match those of the dynasty 300 dx in dc mode, and the dynasty has a full bridge rectifier). Your maxstar has a dig control which increases the amperage (as a percentage of the setting) when the arc voltage goes below 19volts. That could be handy on E6010. I'd say try it yourself with some of your favorite electrodes--give that girl a whirl!
    The LX model has brought other signals out to a remote connector for the purpose of running it in an automated fashion, but if the price is right, and you're not paying extra for them, then it may meet your needs. The street price for the 300 DX is around $2900. They usuallly want a few hundred more for the LX features.
    Let us know what you think,



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