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  • ok, you knew this was coming

    what type electrodes should i begin practicing with? i'll be doing overhead and up and down hill stick; i can already do regular position. how should i set up my dynasty for this?

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    welding rod??????????

    ............I don't know mig, pig, jig or tig, but my choice for up hill, out of position stick weldin' is and always will be 7018.

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      Any rod with a "1" in the next-to-last digit position is an "all position" rod. I like softer arc, shallow penetration rods for vertical up, like 6013, 7014, and 7018. I run overhead best w/7018. I don't run downhand for crap, so I can't tell ya.

      I'd set the Dynasty on DCEP, and dial in the amperage per the rod box. A little cooler on overhead.

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        try some 6010's too

        Try some 6010's too. If i were you I'd try several different ones and maybe a few different brands. You can just buy a pound of each. over all i probably use more 6013's than anything else but for overhead 6010's have worked well for me.
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          thanks guys. i'll hit the welding supply in the morning.


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            If your goal is to do some mobile work, the main SMAW rods you will need will be 6010 and 7018. I use Lincoln 5P+, and Excalibur, but have some Esab Atom Arc on order to try. A whole lot of portable work can be done with 6010 in 3/32, 1/8, and 5/32, and 7018 in the same sizes. I have a Dynasty 300 also. I set my dig on 60% for 6010 and 30% for 7018.
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              Danny -STEEL_

              I love your sig line. Gotta print that up for the shop. LMAO


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                6010 and 7018


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                  Also use 6010 for a root pass on larger gaps with a 7018 cap. In the feild it will speed things up and give you a better looking weld. Just be sure not to run the 6010 to hot because it can crack. GOOD LUCK


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                    6010... They are all position fast-freeze and will weld through "crap" better than 7018's. Make sure your machine will run them because soem stick welders won't. They run rod positive dc.


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                      Originally posted by SteeL_ButcheR45
                      ............I don't know mig, pig, jig or tig, but my choice for up hill, out of position stick weldin' is and always will be 7018.

                      since he said electrode he most likely means stick welding

                      i would start with the esab 7014, i started on that rod and it was great...slag just poped up off the weld and there was very little cleaning to do and the rods are easy to "operate", just drag them

                      after that i moved to 7018 and i didnt like it....really likes to stick at first and and not too easy to keep a steady arc on it as you cant drag this rod

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                        I have always used 6011, 6013 and 7018 with good results. Partly due to availability, now that I have an AC/DC machine I find 6011 runs about as well on DC as 6013 did on AC, so am phasing out 6013. Would like to try some 7014, its on my list of things to do before I die. Learning to and maintaining the arc length without relying on the flux (drag-rod) is part of being a good weldor. Just like GMAW/MIG, you will learn the sound of a good arc and to compensate unconciously. Still all things considered, as a hobbyist/amateur, I consider 6010/6011, 6013 and 7018 (AC) to be the minimum arsenal.
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