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  • What is this thing?

    My dad bought a new Airco (Onan gasoline 2cy) AC/DC Welder/Generator for his Mechanical Contracting business in the mid 70s. It runs fine, and appears to be in great working order, but I can't find any charts or manuals for it. I have tried the net, and shops, with little success. The closest machine I have found is a Miller of the same vintage. I believe Miller made some Airco machines. Anybody have any input, or a new direction to start in. I would like to use the old machine in a new business venture.

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    I might be totally mistaken and somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think ESAB bought out some or all of the Airco line of machines. Might be a place to start.


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      orange instead of blue

      don't know about the Esab thing , but my ' 74' Airco 300amp ac/dc is exactly the same as Miller same circa ....just orange instead of blue.

      Our Praxair service facillity will make copies of manuals for existing customers ...
      your local equiv. would likely do the same I'd think ...if you bought a bottle or a torch or something ????
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        Praxair suggestion

        Thx Vicegrip. I think that is the place to start. I am about to invest in oxy-fuel bottles, and Metroplex is a large Miller distributor. Good tit-for-tat!