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    Hey guys, first off i want to thank everybody for all the expert advise, I am a new weldor and just got my first job welding, this site is great! ok I was wondering if anybody has ever had any experiece with something called a "arc torch"? It's made my lincoln and isn't new! It uses a stick machine for a power source, i was wondering if anybody could tell me what it's for and if u can still buy consumables for it?

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    It's a twin carbon arc torch still sold by Lincoln Electric. Used with welder set to AC. It has lever so you can control when carbons are brought together starting arc. It is used to heat metal for braze welds. Can also heat steel for bending.


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        You know I have had one of these thigs in the shop for years and never tried it How does it hook up?

        The one I have has 2 cables on it which goes where?



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          I picked up a Lincoln one a few weeks ago and have only played with it a little. It runs on AC and there are a couple different ways to hook it up.

          The first is to connect one lead to the stinger clamp and the other to the work clamp. With this configuration the piece you are working on is not part of the circuit and therefore less heat is transferred to it.

          The other way is to hook the work clamp and one of the leads to the welding table or the work piece so that the item is part of the circuit. This supposedly lets you put greater heat into the item.

          I also seem to remember something about running the carbons parallel to the joint to get the best heat transfer.

          Lincoln has the instruction manual on their site but I can't seem to remember the part number or link. I'll see if I can track it down for you. It does a pretty good job explaining that type of torch.



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            Thanks John

            I may play with it at some point