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Ebay 4" grinder

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  • Ebay 4" grinder

    Saw this on Ebay. They claim they won't last long at that price. Probably won't last long after being plugged in either. Still may be worth it for a spare.

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    I purchased 2 of them last fall from a Cummins/Cummings? traveling tool store. They look just like the ebay versions. The one I put the wire brush on vibrates as if the bearings are square. The other one I use as a grinder and it does pretty well except somthing seems to be out of round. I have to apply a lot of pressure to keep it from bouncing. I tried several new grinding wheels but it still bounces. I also have a Milwaukee 4 1/2" grinder and use it when I need to do more precise bounce free grinding. I figure that using the el cheapo's when possible saves wear and tear on the good one.


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      LOL,"lots of profit to be made on these",whatever!It's been my expierence that whenever they start measuring power in watts with hand tools,they are usually junk!
      Someone once gave me a 500 or 600 watt hammer drill set with 75 bits and drivers.I took it out of the package,plugged it in and hit the trigger and smoked it before i got to put a bit in!


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        I had 2 of those, 1 blew up after about an hours use. The other one I gave away with a wire feeder I sold to a kid starting out.

        Nice as a back up, not for constant use.



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          I bought one of those for $4.99 at the traveling tool show last year and I think I paid too much for it !!!!!!!!!

          It's my opinoin that there is no substitute for amps in a grinder and those el cheapo grinders just don't have enough.

          - jack


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            What is the price of frustration?? I think this is it.
            Snidley :}
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