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Linde C-300 Tig - any good?

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  • Linde C-300 Tig - any good?

    I'm new to these forums, and I'm hoping you all can give me some quick advice on a TIG purchase. I have heard from many people that one of the cheapest ways to get set up for TIG is to buy one of the old tank sized machines commonly retired from community colleges, etc.

    I have access to a very good deal on an old Linde C-300 AC/DC single-phase TIG machine I'm considering for my home shop (auto/racing hobby). The machine is presumed to be working, although sitting for a few years, but the current widow owner cannot verify with certainty and there is no hookup to test. The price justifies the risk, but before I consider transporting this monster, is it a good machine to own? I know Linde (Union Carbide) used to build nice industrial equipment, but does anyone know more about the reliability, repairability, and parts availability should it have any problems that need attention? I'm willing to take the risk at the asking price, but if anyone has more specific info (manuals?, parts diagrams?) or other opinions about this type of machine......I'd greatly appreciate the feedback.

    Thanks in advance!

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    hi bob; all i know about it is that linde is now esab. you might be able to get parts through a dealer who sells esab. i ordered parts for a 1980 purox OE torch from prax air. purox used to be union carbide,now esab. good luck. charley hellickson.


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      Hi bob944 Charley is correct. ESAB bought Linde years ago. I was in the same situation as you a few years ago. I bought a Linde 206-amp wire feed with a Linde Mig 1 wire feeder at an auction for $300.00 I just gambled that I could get parts for it. On the way home from the auction I stopped by one of the local welding supplies. According to them all parts are still available for Linde machines. The only catch is cross-referencing the Linde numbers to ESAB new numbers. My machine only had .023 drive rolls, I wanted .030, and .045, had them with in 2-days
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