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  • bender question

    can a bench bender such as this one from harbor freight bend tubing for Example a rollcage

    or would this one work better the hydraulic pipe beder
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    The bench bender is out of the question. I have one and it works great on solid bar and round stock, but there is absolutely no side support (like a hickey or tubing bender) to prevent you from mashing the tubing flat whilst bending it. I belivee the piping bender suffers the same shortcoming, it relies on the relatively thick wall of pipe to help maintain its shape while being bent.
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      As Blacksmith stated No on the bench bender and the Pipe bender is for Pipe.
      You can look at Shop Outfitters to see what a parts bender will do and they also sell the Dies to turn the Parts bender in to a Tube bender, but still wouldn't be the bender for Rollcages.

      The Model 3 Tube Bender by JD Squared. This machine can bend from 1/2 inch to 2 inch OD tubing manually with little effort because of the compound leverage from the ratcheting arm and can be upgraded to hydraulic at any time. (For manual operation the Model 3 must be solidly attached to a fixture such as our Floor Pedestal). The Model 3 bender is CNC machined from high strength cold rolled steel. The die sets are equipped with replaceable alloy blocks. Die sets sold separately.

      The JD ,or similar, is what you want for the Roll cage.
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        You can use that bender for square tubing with a slight mod to one of the dies, but I wouldn't build a rollcage with it.

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          AZC, thats a pretty slick mod, I like it. Uncrichie...