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    What do you guys think of this welding helmet? Do you think it is worth the money or should I just save up for the one i want... the big window elite? Is this a decent inexpensive auto dark hood?
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    Well you really have to ask yourself if it will do what you need it to. If I need to drill 20 holes I'm not going to go and buy a $200 drill when a $20 drill will do the job. But If I need to drill 20 holes regularly then I'll buy the best drill I can afford within reason. So in this case If you only get your welder out every other weekend for an hour or two it's probably not work paying $500 for a Spedglas A/D helmet when a $60 one will do the same job. But if you weld for a living like I do then you'll want one that will stand up to constant use. I own a reasonably cheap A/D helmet it was NZ $200 and Its fine for what I need it for. I can't Tig below about 60A with it but for Mig and Stick it does what I want it to.

    As for this helmet, I have never used this particular one but the A/D lenses on the cheaper helmets are pretty much the same. I've never had a problem with mine. Its never needed charging. Only thing I don't like about the cheap helmets is things don't fit together perfectly and the head bands tend to break at the pivot point. It looks decent enough for hobby use. Unless you're going to be Tig welding, it should work fine.

    I'm sorry If that sounds a little terse or even petulent. I don't mean it that way. I'm just trying to help.

    Have a good night all

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      I currently own a Jackson 10 shade HSL 100, an Antec AFV 102 autodarkening helmet ( available on ebay as "fast response helmet" ) and now just recently an Optrel Satellite.
      I am a hobby welder and I am MIGing or TIGing at least a few times a week. The low cost AD helmet works fine and I have even TIGed with it at 60 amps ( although I did see spots which was probably due to slow response at that lower amperage ). Here's my quick net on the differences. The fixed is fine but limited ( and the Jackson head gear sucks ), the cheaper AD works but the lens is not uniform in shade nor is it good optically. It's even more distorted when I use a cheater with it. ( Which I need when TIGing because these eyes don't see very well anymore ). The Optrel .... well, it's awsome. It's optically superior and uniform. The shade control has good range and linearity, the head gear is comfortable and very adjustable. I don't seem to have the eye fatigue when working with the Optrel as I did with the cheap AD.
      So as stated in the previous post, if you are welding more than a few hours each weekend, you will find the better helmet worth every penny. My beads improved by just going to the better helmet just because I can really see whats going on now
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        I used a helmet in that class, but without a sensitivity adjustment for two years. It worked fine, and I still have it for "guests" who want to watch. For the money, I'd go for it, and then save the $220 or so you need for a BWE. Then, you'll have two hats for those "guest" times!

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          I have 2 welding hoods a $35 huntsman and a $200+Optrel.
          The Huntsman has better headgear, hands down, I just cant get the
          Optrel to stay in place while moving parts around, so I only use it for
          tigging. I also dislike the ghosting, which for some reason ends up
          right in front the puddle at the most critical time,
          removing the inside cover lens helped a lot,
          but I was still somewhat disapointed with swiss optics.
          I could go on, but will not.

          Get a $35 Huntsman
          and spend the rest at a Trade school,
          get some instruction or re-instruction.
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            I have never had any shadowing with my optrel. when I used my jackson nexgen i had alot shadow problems.
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