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  • hankj milwaukee NOOO!

    No disrespect, i'm here to learn about welding. But i am a journeyman carpenter. first; if you are using a skil model 77 worm drive, there isn't a better worm drive or other circular saw. second, my wood working experience says that milwaukee is GREAT for hole saws. but i really think you should look at skil for saws. IS YOUR BLADE ON THE LEFT SIDE? this is very important. anything other than a skil 77 WITH THE BLADE ON THE LEFT isn't what i'm talking about. i own 3. i've cut concrete, steel, oak veneer, AND CIRCLES IN 1 1/8 PLY, with mine ( with appropriate blades) and never noticed a speed/power issue.
    I'm a carpenter trying to learn to weld
    lincoln idealarc 250 tig/stick
    14" metal chop
    decent o/a cutting/welding setup