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How much for ARGON?

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  • How much for ARGON?

    I need to pick up a small bottle of Argon for my new Spoolmate setup.

    How much are ya'll paying for the smallest size bottle of Argon? Does this setup require any special gauges to top off the bottle?
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    Not the smallest but may help you or give you a figure to go off of...I am paying $75 for a filled exchange for a 150cf bottle. I think the smallest you can get is around 30cf or so....Probably cost you $30 or so to fill...probably more when you first buy it because of the cost of the bottle as well. Hope this helps!
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      I'm in Sacramento as well. What welding supply company are you using?
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        I pay $30.20 out the door for my personally owned 150cf tank to be filled. I got it with a welder, so its not exchangeable - but that would be the same price had I got the tank from my supplier.


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          I own four of my own. They one size smaller than the big 300's I think they are 240's or 280's. I pay a litlle over $21.00 for a fill, not a trade. It takes a few days to get them back thats why I have 4 of them. These guys are right down the street from my company and have delt with me for years. They set me up at thier lowest price level and I am very grateful for it.


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            Howdy! I think the 240 ish size is called a K size cylinder. I believe the volume actually depends on the gas going in it. Mine lists as 227 cu ft paper label from the last fill. that's a C-25 tank. Also, I own outright. I personally wouldn't go any smaller then an 80 cu ft tank. They're affordable, reasonable to maneuver, and bang for the buck, they're the best thing going for price conscious do it yourselfers. I like the K tanks, cause I hate running out all the time, and the fills are about the same price. I paid 85$ in 97 for a new tank 80 cu ft. Now there like 140 or something outrageous. My K size is running about 196$ here right now. thats an empty price. Just some thoughts. Brian Lee Sparkeee24


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              I just got a 50CF cylinder filled with Argon for $40. I replaced a 20CF cylinder which cost about $25 to get filled. I've also got a 125CF cylinder that runs about $55 for C25. This is all from Airgas and Praxair in or around San Jose.

              For those folks near Sacramento, try Tractor Supply Company in Yuba City. Their pricing on inert gas is crazy.