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When selling welders??

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  • When selling welders??

    As posted before, I sold my MMTrailblazer for $1800 WITH LEADS/QUICK DICONNECTS AND STINGER&GROUND CLAMP, with only 63 hrs on machine.
    It was the MM280NT Trailblazer not 302.(5-7 years old, just not used very much)

    Question: Is it normal to include leads/ ect when you sell such a machine.

    Don't regret it though because of who I sold it too, really nice struggling young guy.

    Just a Question for any future transactions!! Certainly not "sellers remorse"


    Also threw in 4 filters!!

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    I gave the guy half a spool of flux core, the regulator, and some contact tips when I sold my mm130. I also put it in the ad so it would be enticing - that machine was gone in less than 5 hours from listing it.

    I shoulda kept the regulator. lol

    I think it really depends what you want to do. Throwing it all in makes it more attractive to some folks, and others don't care. I got another manual hood with my tigmate and it hit the trash at the first gas station I stopped at on my way home.


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      Put the icing on the cake.......

      I buy and sell a lot of used equipment. I sell a complete set of acc to make it easy for the customer to make up his mind. I picked up a bunch of used chiping hammers and cleaned them up and painted . All welding lead is cleaned and rolled up , the welders are cleaned and some times waxed. I got a deal on some Jackson welding helmets ($10), bought 10. Most of the stuff I get is WITHOUT all the goodies you need. Makes it a lot easyer to sell if you sell a complete package.

      XMT 300CC/CV (yes it still works)
      Bobcat 225, Hobart Hefty CC/CV wire feeder, Profax spool gun,Victor & Smith O/A, Lincoln Tombstone(sold), Airco HF box (old Miller) MM175, IR 4KW gen set,all paid for, all work. My newest addition MM130 salvaged from a Kitrina flood area. Cleaned up and works great. . Just added a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC, total cost to repair both less than $200.00, they both work great...another Katrina cast off.


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        not sure normal applies to a sale situation What is done is to remove what you do not want to sell then show what you are selling. If that is not possible then you must clearly state XXXXXXXXX is NOT included . The customer will decide based on there own requirements.

        what is important in all sale is for the customer to leave knowing that he is leaving with whyat he bought never less and if practical a little more for goodwill. (that stuff is priceless you can never get enough of it)
        If that happens you have made a friend for life If not while not an enemy for sure the customer will be negative about you, You just never know when it will pop up and git you.
        I think that you did well by the purchaser and that he knows it. Regards Terry