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  • Miller S52 feeder

    Anyone know where I can find some different size drive rollers for my Miller S-52 wire feeder? Does another model feeder use the same wire drive rollers?

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    Try Miller........

    They have the drive rolls and a conversion kit for QUICK change changes.

    The 2 drive roll units should all swap. 22,32,50,MM200, MM250, and suitcase RC and VS series feeder (per Miller).

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    XMT 300CC/CV (yes it still works)
    Bobcat 225, Hobart Hefty CC/CV wire feeder, Profax spool gun,Victor & Smith O/A, Lincoln Tombstone(sold), Airco HF box (old Miller) MM175, IR 4KW gen set,all paid for, all work. My newest addition MM130 salvaged from a Kitrina flood area. Cleaned up and works great. . Just added a Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC, total cost to repair both less than $200.00, they both work great...another Katrina cast off.


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      Go to and get the manual for your feeder. It has a parts listing for drive rolls. Once you find the part number you want, go to and plug in your part number.

      Enjoy your new drive rolls.

      If you're confused, V-groove is for steel, VK is for flux-core, and U-groove is for aluminum.