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appropriate price for Oxy / acetylene ?

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  • appropriate price for Oxy / acetylene ?

    Howdy Howdy! I am curious what you folks think is an appropriate local welding store price for a K size Oxygen (thats about a bit under 250 Cu Ft I think) and the matching acetylen cylinder, (most stores have recomended a size "4". This part I am not familiar with. So far the best I have found, and can have honored for 30 days is 196$ for the K cylinder, 30$ first fill, and I forget the prices for the size 4 and first fill... but with tax, both tanks filled and out the door was 440$. Is this about average? better/worse then average? and what are your thoughts on matching tank size for the K size oxygen? Thanks folks! Brian Lee Sparkeee24.

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    Sounts good to me. I pay about $150 for a 125 cu ft (wshielding gas, but same tank). Normally a X cf O2 cylinder gests mated to a similar capacity C2H2 cylinder. The tank will be physically smaller since the C2H2 is dissolved in acetone.

    Usually it's a pain in the butt to get an owned cylinder bigger then 125. Find out if you can exchange it, or if they refill your cylinder. If it is the former, you will end up with a cylinder with someone elses name on it, so save your reciept. Arround here the supply houses will fill private cylinder IF the name on the cylinder isn't one of a welding supply house.

    Whatever you do it sounds cheaper than leasing.



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      If you don't use a bunch of gas, buy your tanks. I have CO2,act, argon, C25, and OXY. Rental would be $5.65 month. Paid $130 each full. In less than 2 years they were paid for and now they are free. Why pay rent ? It is way cheaper in the long run.

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        Sparkeee, cylinder prices arwe all over the map, and often large cities don't have as good a price as small towns. Those prices look pretty good.


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          cylinder / gas prices

          Thanks folks! I neaded to here that. Now I guess my only question really, is if the #4 acetylene is a good match to a K size (250 ish CuFt ) cylinder of Oxygen? As to the labeling, and refilling, around here that has never been an issue. Though, I have only dealt with 80 Cu Ft untill now. Both K size and 80 Cu Ft seem very common in the owned version here. We have lots of industry and aerospace and supply shops. I checked my other tanks before buying them, nothing stamped into the necks for labeling, or on the topsides either. Just the testing information. I guess main use might help too. I will be using it 90% for pre-heating, post heating, interpass heat, rosebud (I think thats right) for large area heating to bend and shape materials mostly. I am a weekend warrior welder, so heating pieces to work with easier with large hand tools,. i.e. I don't have all the cool hydraulic benders and stuff... Probably 10% use for cutting and maybee just a bit of welding, just for he!! of it. Oh yeah, maybee some brazing or lil jewelry stuff... So, I am going to get a Victor Journeyman set, as well as a mini mini jewelers torch. Can help with brazing model aircraft cables and such as well. I have a K size Ar, and a K size C-25 mix right now. Just working on building up my tool shop P.S. My toolshop is my house. sooo the hall is pretty crowded with cylinders as it is! :P Next project, a shed/shop FOR all my tools. Brian Lee Sparkeee24
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            A #4 Acetylene (C2H2) tank fills to ~125 cubic feet of gas. For long term heating (more than a few minutes), the max draw from that size tank is 17.8 CFH (the1/7th rule). A Victor #6 rosebud can pull 40 CFH at full tilt, so watch what you buy and how you use it. You do NOT want acetone in the regulator!

            I paid $184 for a #4 C2H2 and $201 for a 150 CF O2 in February of this year. A fill is $35 for C2H2 and $20 for O2.

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              My gas guys will fill anything you own the same day if you can get it to them in the morning. Owning makes sense in the long run. Had I bought my bigger bottles from them (they'll gladly sell them outright) I could exchange them just like my 80cf too. The problem I'm finding is that they won't do anything other than c25 in the 80's. Something about special mixes and how they're different pressures so they'd have to babysit the small bottles instead of filling everything on the manifold to the same pressure. I've got a 150 and now a 124 that'll be held for refills.


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                I will be using it 90% for pre-heating, post heating, interpass heat, rosebud (I think thats right) for large area heating to bend and shape materials mostly.
                That pretty much tells the whole story

                My 'little' 100K rosebud runs well on the big 150-size tank (43" tall, 12.75" diameter). A rosebud any larger will require a second, third, fourth, etc. so no C2H2 is withdrawn at more than max rate.

                As Hank said, you DO NOT want liquid acetone flowing through the hoses
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                  Oxy/acetylene Vs Oxy "alt fuel"

                  Howdy! Sooooo is this why many folks have pointed me in the direction of propane, and other alternative fuels? I know this is know getting more into other thread topics as well. But the Victor journeyman set can be used for both acetylene and propane or other alternative fuels it states. I would have to get a different rosebud tip for alternative fuels I believe though. So now... sigh, it's back to figuring out what gas I should use. Maybee I'll get an oxy acetylene setup, and an alternative fuel cylinder as well. gees, question questions questions.... Brian Lee Sparkeee24


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                    If I did a whole lot of heating, I would look at LP. You will use more O2, but you can buy a bigger or second O2 tank with the money you save. With Acetylene, I think you will find you are stuck with the smallest rosebud made, and it will be more then enough

                    Fishy Jim, I use 125 cu ft tanks for shielding gas, and it's a pain to get other then 75/25 N, and Ar. Airgas would not sell me 98/2, and Holox took 3 months to get it and it turned out to be 95/5. Bigger tanks are leased, and if I did have my own, they would have to send it off to be filled . There is an independant dealer in Atlanta, that I really like, but thats too far to go to refill tanks.

                    I have heard there are technical problems with mixes in small tanks, and the affects are most noticeable with gases in low concentrations. I'm at a loss to explain this, since I would guess an 80 cu ft cylinder stays mixed better then a 250.


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                      There are other tools that you can use for pre-heat, like propane weed burners, that do an ecxellent job. Hang onto the O/A rig for cutting and heating to the point where you can bend things, and use the propane dodad to pre-heat. No rosebud needed!

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                        I have 3- 244 cf oxygen tanks that i bought from natwel supply co. out of san antonio

                        I bought the oxy cylinders for $200 even and the exhange charge is around 25 bucks.

                        I currently own 2- 145 cf acetylene cylinders that i bought for $200 even as well.They cost around 40 bucks to exchange.

                        Also to note that these cylinders i have are not on any lease contract.I own them forever.

                        Thats the good thing about their company since you can buy the bigger sized cylinders without having to lease them or rent on a monthly basis.

                        I think there's a few other companies around my area as well that can provide the same service including A.O.C

                        Propane is crap IMHO.
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                          weed burner?

                          Howdy! sooo would a weed burner put out enough heat to bend easily? or mostly preheat? i.e. cast iron repairs or similar is what I was thinking for preheat - postheat. the bending and metal manipulation would be for 1/2" thick and thinner, 6" width and narrower. am thinking 4X4 stuff, serious type, then farm machinery and 3 pt hitch attacthment accesorizing. ok. I'll just work on my setup 2 tanks at a time. i.e. oxy + acetylene 1st. then a chemtane 2 . I was very very impressed with their demonstration. Brian Lee Sparkeee24