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  • Powermig

    Rangerod,Bennie has a 200 powermig that he seems to hate about as much as anyone could!That's one Lincoln I think I would run from. Diamond core transformer is a fancy name for Aluminum windings,which on their smaller machines it works great.(non diamond core)

    News flash guys,the Miller 210 does not have the problems of the Lincoln 200.Remember who this is coming from!

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    You are right Scott

    That is one machine that is not quite up to par, However I do have the "Crown Jewl" the powcom.

    My power mig has taken a back seat for awhile, she runs OK but i will have to live with her for a while, like all machines they have there on quirks.

    Thanks Bernie


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      Power MIG 200


      What kind of problems are you having with your welder. I like to know in case anyone I know considers buying one, if you don't mind sharing the info

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        I bought the Lincoln Power Mig to replace a SP-175 that we were having problems with, I though that we woulf go up a size and get a better machine for about the same price that I paid for the 175. Another factor was we needed a machine and the only thing they had in stock was the power mig, so I ended up with this.
        Cost $1300.00

        The very first day we used it we knew that there was a problem with the machine, weld quality and adjustments that were from one end of the scale to the other we just could not control the machine. My 175 could run circules around this thing.

        My first though was breakin time so we put the machine thru some paces and tried all sizes of wire as well as inner sheld to outer sheld and plain mig, in all tests the machine welded poorly.

        I sent the machine back after a week, they tested it and said they repaired it and all should be well, not the case at all it still failed me. Cost $125.00

        The factory rep came to the shop about 3 months after and tried it he said it was operater error and not the machine, he could not weld with it either.

        The last trip to the store with the machine a new rep looked at it and replaced the control board and he welded with it nice.

        So machine at the time was about 3 months old, new board free
        Installation and test $200.00

        When this machine pays for itself and the extras, I will part with it and maybe up grade to something better. I am a true Lincoln fan however this machine does have a way of leaving you with a bad taste .

        Good luck with yours


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          Scott & Rangerod

          Another slow burn I have with Lincoln, is that each machine needs its own set of drive rolls and liners.

          As the drive from the 175, will not fit into the power mig or the ln-25. Nothing they make is compatable with one another.

          Tips even on the LN-25 are not the same with any machine.

          Now I look at the spool gun and that too is not the same.

          When you are running (2) 175s (1) 200 and (1) ln-25 you need to carrey all kinds of parts that gets into money.



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            Bernie,I bet the new LN15 drive rolls fit the powermig?Plus from now on, the Lincoln machines have the Tweeco back-end so all guns will fit between the others.They are slowly figuring it out.