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    I work in a retail store and we sell Hobart. Hobart makes great machines but i would rather spend the jack and buy a Miller than i would a Hobart.. btw doesnt aint Hobart a division of Miller? i personal own a HH 175 and 235 AC stick by Hobart just because i bought both of these machines for less than 300 bucks with my employee discount and Hobart discontinuing (sp?) those machines. I am actually looking at buying a service truck now that has a Miller Trailblazer on it and a 2k air compressor on it made bye IR with a kohler engine. Those are the only two objects that make the service truck worth about 7 grand if that...


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      Trev,,Ya Nailed It! That's exactly what I was tryin ta say, ya just said it better than I. NO I don't weld better than MOST professional welders, but I do weld well, and I'm a pretty darn good fabricator so I'm told. That said, I would be the last to tell ya what machine ya need or want. There is no doubt that the Trailblazer is a fine machine. I've used one and it is very nice. For me and I dare say most welders out in the field, I believe that it is more machine than they will ever need. It's heavier, costs more, and without all the do-dads, wont do much a Champ/Bobcat won't. (Kinda like havin a 150 mph.Dodge Viper if ya don't race it, and the posted speed limit is 75mph.) That's all I'm sayin. Those that read thease things would think that nothing else would do,,, the way I see it, that just ain't true! I'd hate like **** for some guy ta think after readin all this "Trailblazer"crap, that a Champion or Bobcat won't do him a fine job. It depends on what a guy needs! I bought the Hobart cause it does what I need it to do, that and it ain't BLUE, besides,,, my wife said it was "cute"!
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      Hobart Champion 10,000
      Hobart Handler 180
      Hobart Handler 140
      Miller 8vs suitcase. (fcaw)
      Victor Super Range
      B&D saw , grinders,& drill motors


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        Originally posted by coalsmoke
        I'll give them your name

        I have a technical question for you JT, as you seem to know lots about the lincoln series, are there any older "true dc" machines that are what you would term as a choice machine for pipe, that also offers 6,000 watts of aux ac? (preferably with some form of slope control too) I think the new vantages supply at least 6kw, if not more IIRC, but what about the older used machines that are more affordable (ie ~$5k). Secondly, if there is, are there any that offer clean enough power to run things such as plasma or a contained mig? I know that many of the older machines had a very dirty aux power and would burn out electronic devices, but would appreciate any specific models that qualify as above. I figured it might be good to keep a spare machine if I ever ran across a deal.
        i happen to have a 55 year old hobart that will run 1/4' lo hy all day every day& also run a 500 amp miller sigma 5cs cv or a pak 10 plasma cutter at full bore off the generator side.


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          Originally posted by coalsmoke
          I'll give them your name


          Oh believe me they've already got my name. My name rank and serial number in fact.
          And probably my picture and fingerprints too.