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northern tools chain hoists question

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  • northern tools chain hoists question

    Has anyone used or have any experiance with their brand of inexpensive chain hoist? They are over half the cost of a jet or CM unit of comparable lift capability. Are they durable units? I'm looking at the 1 ton units.

    Any info is appreciated!!!

    thank you

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    I have the one sold by Harbor Freight, same type. I used it for past two yeasr, no problems with it yet. Just remember, don't overextend the weight limitations. It's just a cheap knock off by China.
    Uncle Dannie
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      I'd say a lot depends on what you intend to use it for. While chain hoysts ain't CNC or rocket science, they tend to be used in situations where people can be killed or maimed if the hoyst fails.
      If you'd be happy knowing a cheap Chinese gear made from reprocessed metal could fail over your head, go with the cheap hoyst.
      I have a couple 30 year old chain hoysts branded Vital that were sold by Graingers, and they've held up well over time. I also know guys who flat refuse to use any hoyst that isn't a name brand. It all depends on your aplication and comfort level.