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    Hi Guys;

    My insurance company has sent me a letter as to the size and type of fire ext we carrey on our rigs.

    I use the ABC type of ext and a dry chem type, the size is about 18" tall and about 6-8" dia.

    What I am wondering is what size do you think they are going requie me to carry?

    I pretty much think that I have my bases covered, I was looking for ant input you guys may have encountered.

    Thanks Bernie
    Tyngs Ent

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    If you are buying your insurance thru an agent, don't answer the letter. It's the agent's job to get that information, and all you can do by answering letters from the carrier is cause your premium to go up.
    If you bought directly from a carrier, they will send someone ut to get the information if they really want it.


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      The kind we use, and are monitored monthly by our fireman, is the ABC and CO2 (i think) or dry chem. The size of the ABC is about 8" in diameter and 30" tall , which is water under pressure, and has a small 24" hose which works great for aggravating the guys in the next shop!


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        I have the same type, ABC dry chemical type. Mine's 22"x 7" and its a 20lber. was recommended for welding by the Vancouver Fire Dept.