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Stick or Mig????? help!

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  • Stick or Mig????? help!

    I found a used Dayton ac/dc welder for sale ($150.00) and a Miller 175 mig ($350.00).
    I am new to welding and need a welder that will allow me to do misc. projects on my jeep. Mostly 3/16",1/4" angle and plate, and .120 wall tubing.

    What is the best for my needs? I understand the stick welder takes more time to learn and im cool with that.

    help me out here..................

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    Both will work for your stated use but might find Millermatic MIG easier to use. (I'm assuming the Dayton AC/DC is a stick welder.) Millermatic can weld with right wire thinner than 1/16" steel. To use solid wire the Millermatic needs shielding gas regulator, hose & cylinder of shielding gas. It can also use fluxcore wire without shielding gas.


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      Well i went to see the welders. The Miller turns out to be a Hobart 135 and the Dayton ac/dc stik welder is as old as i am, but in good shape. If i can get the stick welder for under $100 i will get it.


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        never fast enough


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          Start yelling..

          I owned a Dayton AC/DC welder years ago.. It worked great.. I set it up for tig.. and it welder perfect.. You'll need a high freq. unit for AC.. but DC scratch works just fine.. and down the road if you get a CC/CV feeder.. The DC side will work with wire up to .030 quite well... If money allows.. you'll get a larger power unit later.. but the Dayton will work fine if you don't run it to long.. on the upper end you are at 35% duty cycle.. It stick welds fine too..especially on the DC side with 6013 rods..(better with thin materials).. I would not waste money on the real small migs..Wait till you can get a larger one.. My .02 cent Mike


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            I have to agree with Mike, dont waste money on a smaller machine that you are going to grow out of real quick.

            Try the stic first and then move onto bigger machines.

            Good Luck



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              JEEPNCOP.............WELCOME ABOARD.........AND WHAT DID YOU DO....... DID YOU PURCHASE BOTH OR ONLY ONE.........AH WE ALWAYS LIKE TO KNOW................ ..............ROCK..........

              CRAIG.............ALSO WELCOME ABOARD...........

              ROCK.......... [email protected]


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                After welding alot of round .120 tube, I couldn't imagine using a stick machine. Maybe I am a bad welder, but crawling around a roll cage welding with a stick sounds next to impossible to me.
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                  Stick vs baby mig

                  I'll agree that a full grown mig is the easiest and maybe the best way to weld just about everything.. but have you ever tried to weld with a small portable welder?? If this man is trying to weld up a rollcage.. until he knows how to weld... it might look ugly.. but the penitration will probably be better,stronger and safer. With the AC/Dc unit.. he can also scratch tig... but learning the puddle will quickly be learned with a stick.. My.02 cents this morning.. All Good.. Mike