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ESAB Has really let me down.

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  • ESAB Has really let me down.

    Well I have always liked ESAB equipment so when it came time to buy a new Plasma cutter I did the research and went with a ESAB 650. A little small but most of the shops work is 1/2" and smaller. When I broke it open I admit I liked the Composit housing and the torch handle is perfect in my book, Very small and the head rotates for better positioning. When I fired it up it cut the 3/8" stainless plate OK so I tried it on 1/2" mild steel plate. It seems that ESAB has greatly inflated thier specs because I was lucky to get a 1/2" severence cut. Just for grins and giggles I lit the torch off on a 3/4" plate. I felt more like I was Gouging than cutting. I could have made a cleaner cut with a cold chisel and in less time.

    I run accross over-inflated specs a lot in archery and I realize that these test are under ideal conditions but come on, thier specs were not even close to actual performance. I guess I will go back to the blue machines.

    Powercut 650 Plasmarc Cutting Package
    )ClaimManually cuts 5/8 inch and severs 3/4 inch) - (REALITY-Manually cuts 3/8 inch and severs 1/2 inch

    Sorry for rambling but I just had to vent because I feel like I got shafted for my $$$$
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    Don't feel too bad - every PC made is overrated (Lincoln, Miller, HTP, Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, etc.) Take the manufacturer's spec, reduce it by 50%, that's about what most smaller PC's will do.

    You'll be MUCH happier with a larger machine, and your welding supply should allow you to exchange for full credit on what you paid.

    Nothing worse than a too-small PC
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      i've got an esab pc and it does every last bit of what it claims- and the consumables appear to be **** near indestructable, i've yet to change one. maybe you got a bum unit. also, the customer service at esab is very good, i'd say about as good as miller.


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        I don't know what your experience level is with PCs but did you use a little standoff distance. It makes a world of difference on my little Spec375.

        I can easily cut 3/8" and have severed 5/8" without problems. Moist air can give problems too. Do you have enough air volume to maintain required flow rate?

        ESAB makes some good hardware. Can't believe they would be that much off on their specs.


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          Sounds a little wonky, do you have the air pressure right?
          Set it with the air flowing, as well as, you might want to check your incomming power and set your machine accordingly.


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            Was the steel plate rusted or coated with something?
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              have you went back in and talked to your dealer? I buy all my stuff through norco and the few issues i have had they have been able to get me going again in no time. the last issue i had the guy actually came out to my shop and after working about an hour we had my welder doing what we wanted it too. no charge not a warranty call... just good customer service.

              take the metal you cut up to them and explain whats going on in a polite manner and chances are they will get it worked out for you.

              edit - this is assuming you got it from a local dealer. otherwise you might try finding a local dealer
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                My local supplier and I are on good terms so I am going to talk with him probly tomarrow. As far as the material used it was clean new steel with no mill scale. Air flow is right on the money. I started out to the letter of the book but played with settings later with no luck. Chances are I will just trade up to a bigger unit regardless since I think everything else about the ESAB is top notch. Just a bit bummed about lack of muscle. Who knows I could have gotten a bum unit. Thanks for the inputs
                If it is man made it will inheritly fail. The quality of craftsmanship will only increase the time until it will fail.