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  • Looking for good band saw

    If you guys were in the market what brands and size horizontal machines would be of choice? $$$$? middle of the road production, not used every day. a machine of pretty good quality.

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    I use a 190 dollar HF style 4x6 and it runs everyday. I like the style with the stamped steel arms. I have had good luck with them. I sometimes cut 800 parts per day. One thing to note is don't leave the saw running and leave. Mine the blade stuck, didn't trip the breaker and caught fire. Could have been real bad. We beat this topic to death on the Yahoo 4x6 saw group...Bob
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      4X6 saws

      Howdy! I would highly recomend reading all the 4X5 and 4X6 posts. These lil saws are fantastic! I however would NOT recomend the HF saw. For 20-50$ more, I would go with another "manufacturer" or importer. Mine has a bigger motor then HF saw, a better vise setup bye a long shot, and cast blade guides; not the stamped steel pieces o &^$%. I paid 229$ locally at Tool Town. A tool importer in my area. The closest thing at a good deal online would be the Grizzly brand I believe. You may want to purchase the Higher end Jet or Wilton models for production use. You SHOULD however get a bi-metal blade regardless of brands. all the stock blades suck. The jet/wilton models have a hydraulic feed, quick release vises on some, brass wire brushes to clean the blade and make em last longer, better stands and coolant pumps and reservoirs as well as much wider bases. But they are around 350 I think. Worth it for a production shop. Not for a backyard weekend warrior, though it would be nice I can not stress enough how much I would stay away from the HF model. Good luck! I love mine! Brian Lee Sparkeee24


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        I have a set of cast arms if anybody needs them, the saw just wouldn't hold up and i parted it out. As for the stamped arms i guess its opinion. But mine runs everyday. As far as the motors they are all the same regardless of the HP rating. Some companys rate them different in different ways, they are the same. There is a lot of good reading on the motors on the 4x6 group, we hashed it over pretty good. I thought mine was the 3/4 HP motor, thats how it was tagged. Turns out it a 1/3 HP also...Bob
        Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
        Metal Master Fab
        Salem, Ohio
        Birthplace of the Silver & Deming Drill


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          I just bought one of these. Ellis 1600. It will cut both horizontal and vertical. Head swivels to cut miters. You will never need to buy another saw.


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            Hey Dave, that is a nice saw. Where did you get it, and whats the going rate for them?
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              I bought this:

              Works great, build quality is pretty good. Has a swivel head for 0-60 degree miter cuts. For about $300 delivered, it cannot be beat in terms of performance and price. Plus it's not huge, so it does not take up a bunch of room.
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                Here's about 4 hours of non stop cutting. I do time studies on the saw to get the best cutting from it. Can cut 3 pcs a minute. I have length cutting jigs the bolt to the saw base, i just keep feeding in the steel...Bob
                Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
                Metal Master Fab
                Salem, Ohio
                Birthplace of the Silver & Deming Drill


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                  I got it from Direct Tools in California ( He had them listed on ebay and got it for $1950 plus $200 shipping. Check with them and they might be listing somemore.


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                      Your question has hundreds of answers!

                      I have a 5 x 6 JET, which I like a lot. I bought it because I've had great luck with my woodworking JET tools for the last 14 years.

                      Ellis, Turn Pro, Grizzly, Enco, Rong Fu, and on and on and on. You can search forever. There are as many prices as there are saws. Essentially, you'll get what you pay for!

                      Good luck.

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                        Howdy! SO! That homier saw looks pretty sweet! any chance you have a picture of the clamping mechanism from yours? I was thinking fabricating something similar would be a great idea! Did it come with the hydraulic down feed? and coolant thingy? Like in the picture? 200$ is just... seems too good to be true. just broke my original blade today. but it went through a fare amount of cuts. Thanks! good luck in your cutting! Brian Lee Sparkeee24


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                          I have the Ellis 1600 and its been great.I called the factory to find a dealer and they sold me the saw for cheaper than any dealer would (around 1700).It really depend on what you need to do with it, the swivel head is a must for a production shop, you can change angles in seconds. I cant imagine trying to make money with one of those h.f. saws but if its just for your garage to play with thats ok.If you are really going to step up the Hyd-mech saws are great. F.M.B. are nice too


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                            I have a question for AZcoyote on the TurnPro. Does the geared head make more noise? They are back on sale, and I'd like to get one but I want to make sure the noise isn't going to be too bad. Quick gear changes aren't a big deal since all I am likely to cut is A36 and 1018.

                            Enco also has the swivel head on stock, but I like the ldea of beaing able to cut 12" channel, and no one at enco can say if the swivel head can cut 12"


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                              IMO, it's hard to beat a Dake or an Ellis. My Kysor-Johnhon (now Dake-Johnson) Model R was built in 1976. Probably cut a million parts before landing in my shop three years ago. Paid about $700, which seemed like a lot of money for something that old.

                              Boy, was I wrong - that little 7x10 saw will cut all day long, and many day it does just that. On one contract job, the length stop is set, four bars of flat stock are clamped up (total cut is 3" wide, 3" deep) and the saw started. This gives me barely enough time to deburr the four parts that were just cut. As the deburring is finished, the saw cuts off & I pick up four more parts, reset the stock, etc., etc.

                              Although capacity is listed at 10", the vise will open up (and the guides will move far enough) to cut almost 12". The largest part cut so far was 2" thick HRS nearly 12" long, set in the vise at an angle (with blocking so everything was firmly gripped). Even with almost 12" of blade buried in the cut, the saw never complained.

                              An even better choice is the Dake (or Johnson / Kysor-Johnson / Dake-Johnson) Model J. This is a much larger, heavier, more robust saw. They can often be found used for around $1000, depending on condition

                              Dake still provides parts & service for both the R Model & the J Model, even though some of these saws are 60 to 70 years old -- it's almost impossible to wear one out
                              Barry Milton

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