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welding mild steel

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  • welding mild steel

    i was told you could weld mild steel approx. 2-6 inch. thk. with 350 to 400 amps. on clean matl. with .052 solid wire with no need to pre heat up matl? what do you suggest? and is the statement ubove true?

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    Yes the statement is true...this picture is of 5" thick to 2" steel.

    325amps E70S-6 1/16" wire 98% AR 2% CO2...i forgot what the voltage setting was.


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      Originally posted by aweaver

      How many passes along the lower plate?



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        heavy welding

        just wondering if you know what the weldment is for or did you weld it?


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          Originally posted by cope

          Nope, 11 or 12, I think.

          Shop rat...I built this...and yes I know what it is. Search on this forum for 'spray arc' and you will find tons of pictures of how I built this weldment.

          I'll save you the time. Click on this link:

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            welding mild steel 2-5 in thk.

            I forgot to say thay only did 2 passes 1st, root pass 2nd 45 deg. fillet x 3/4
            alos if you dont clean the matl. you should use flucks core wire. the weldments
            are for die shoe componits i wok in a tool and die shop and we are looking for a
            safe fast way to wed up die shoes. we are now useing MPD welding . witch are a great welding house but ther delivery is poor. we get charged $1.00 an inch.
            "for both passes" and pre. heat the matl. so we want to buy a weld unit and correct wire to use,to keep the $$$ in house and produce an give a quality weld job that is safe and will never bust or crack!!!!!
            later anthony
            p.s. if tou got more info. that would be great thanks for the info. now!!!!!


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              I couldn't specify what equipment you need for the particular jobs you do...your local welding houses have folks who do just that, so your equipment will meet your exact needs.


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                Preheat is usually a good idea when welding steel over 2" thick. Often it is required. Preheat helps stop the formation of martensite and allows hydrogen to diffuse out better because it keeps the steel from cooling too fast.
                Mike Sherman
                Shermans Welding