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  • horiz. bandsaw blades

    Gents, just purchased a used Carolina horiz bandsaw for the shop
    (been using a chopsaw till now) but I need to find some extra blades ( 9"6" x 3/4") any good places out there you can recommend for buying these at a reasonable price ??

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    bandsaw blades

    Try Enco; they have pretty reasonable prices. On line at WWW.USE-ENCO.COM
    I purchase quite a bit of stuff from them. I can come up with other places if you need more
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      Hi, I buy blade material in 100 foot rools and silver solder them together. I made a simple fixture to grind the ends at about a 22 degree angle. Another fixture clamps the ends together. I heat the joint with a torch and apply the solder. I had the use of a blade welder for a couple of years. I have had fewer failures with the silver solder. One of my saws is probably the same one that you have. I made a couple of mods that you may be interested in. Email me if you would like more info.
      What do I know I am just an electronics technician.