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  • Evolution metal cutting saw

    Hi all, did a search and I am wondering if this 180 or 230 saw does bevel cuts?
    Found a saw labled Jancy 'Slugger' it looks like the evoulution 180 with a rounded handle and beveling ajustment the only pics of the 180 I found did not show one nor the advertisement claim to bevel.
    These saws look to be the 'cats meow' for those times when I need a really steep/long angle cut on some of my tubing projects.
    Thanks in advance for any help/info.

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    I have the Evolution 230 - 9" saw. It does cut bevels and pretty much does everything they say it will. Evolution and Jancy used to have a partnership, I don't know if they still do. You may get the same manufacturer if you buy either one. I did have the 180 first, but as soon as I tried the 230, I sent the 180 back to the dealer and kept the bigger one.
    Mike Sherman
    Shermans Welding