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  • Plasma Cutter or Band Saw

    Would a plasma cutter be able to replace a band saw for cutting angles on square/round tubes and sheets? I have a Lincoln pro cut 55 and after i cut i have to grind the tubes so they are even. I know they make guides for cutting sheet, but do they make guides or jigs to cut tubing? If not i was looking at the Jet band saw hvbs-7mw.

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    Not sure about the guides or templates but a bandsaw would really shine in that situation,probably worth the dough if it's given ya grief.


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      Plasma - Bandsaw

      Good Mornig

      I have both plasma cutter and band saw, as well as a Dewalt 14" chop saw. The machine that can really inprove in all aspects for me is a combo belt sander/ 12" flat sander.

      They put the nice edge on the materails, and can make up those angles real nice.

      good luck


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        I cut ALOT of tubing. round, square,hex.. and a bunch of angles... NOTHING cuts as true as the old power hacksaw I just bought.. which was a Marvel 14" auto downfeed.. Most bandsaws do not cut straight..and I do not cut well enough for my plasma cutter to do the job.. The hacksaw is foolproof.. My .02 cents


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          Have both band saws and plasma cutter.
          I prefer the bandsaw but must be properly setup to cut straight.
          The bandsaw just gives such a nice clean , ready to weld cut.
          The Marvel power hacksaw another reader mentioned brought back old memories. I have restored two of these old machines and they were great.
          Sold both to industry as mine were too H.D. for the lighter tubing I was cutting.
          Where the plasma cutter is great is for curves in stainless steel.


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            I have some 18 tooth 14" blades that work great on thin tubing. My plasma cutter cuts straight enough.. but I don't.. All of my cuts are straight... some at angles.. but all straight.. If you don't need a radius cut..I still vote for a hacksaw.. My curved tubing cuts I do with a magnetic drill on my welding table with a hole saw.. Perfect everytime.. My .02 cents.